Miami Aquarium

Miami Aquarium

Miami Aquarium is a location in Season Two of Showtime's series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan and Lila West met there after she killed James Doakes.


The vicinity of Miami, Florida


After going through the evidence from the explosion at the Cabin in the Everglades, Dexter realizes that James Doakes was killed by Lila and he calls her. She agrees to meet Dexter, but only in a public place since she now knows that he is The Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter arrives at the meeting place and walks up to Lila as she stands looking into a large aquarium filled with swimming fish. He quietly says, “It looks peaceful in there.” She agrees and admits that she’s glad that he called, but also expresses her concern that she will be his next victim. Dexter notes her fear of him and mentions it to her.

He begins to confront Lila about her pretense of helping him with his “addiction.” Dexter states that she hangs out in recovery groups because she wants to know what it’s like to deeply feel something -- but can’t. When Lila claims to have feelings for him, Dexter responds that they are only impulses. As Lila grows increasingly distressed, Dexter looks into her eyes and says, “I’m just like you.” Lila suddenly kisses Dexter and he plays along, returning the kiss. They continue to kiss, drawing disapproving looks from other guests, until a security guard yells, “Hey!”

As they stroll past a walk-through fish tank, Lila tells Dexter how and why she killed Doakes. He is grateful that she protected his secret and apologizes for pushing her away in the past. Lila pledges to never leave him, but he tells her that he must move away from Miami. She asks to go with him and he appears very pleased and tells her to go home and pack. Ecstatic, Lila leaves the aquarium eager to prepare for a new life with Dexter. As she walks away, Dexter’s expression turns darker and he thinks to himself, “You’re going away with me, all right... in a garbage bag.”

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