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Miami is the primary location in all seasons of the Showtime series DEXTER, as well as a location in real life.

It is home to most of the characters on the show. They include Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan, along with the Miami Metro Homicide team. Almost all of Dexter's antagonists reside in Miami, or in nearby areas.


Miami is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, in the southeastern United States. It is separated from Miami Beach by Biscayne Bay


  • "Miami is a great town. I love the Cuban food... pork sandwiches, my favorite. But I'm hungry for something different now." - Dexter ("Dexter")
  • "Everyone moves to Miami to die, which means we have more junk than any city in America. A skilled bargain hunter can find real treasure here but that's not my idea of hunting." - Dexter ("Popping Cherry")

Outside Miami

Dexter remains in the vicinity of Miami for nearly every episode. A few times, he temporarily leaves Miami and the story continues on in other locations.


  • Parts of Season One were filmed in Los Angles. The series continued to film in Southern California, with the use of aerial photos and footage of Miami to create the illusion that it was filmed in Florida.[1]

Miami Trivia

  • Miami lies on the shores of Biscayne Bay (a lagoon) which contains several hundred natural and artificially created barrier islands, the largest of which are Miami Beach and South Beach.
  • The Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current, runs northward 15 miles (24 km) off the coast, allowing the city's climate to stay warm and mild all year.
  • Miami has the third tallest skyline in the U.S. with over 300 high-rises.
  • Miami is home to many annual festivals, entertainment venues, theaters, museums, parks, and performing arts centers.
  • The Art Deco District in South Beach, is renown for its nightclubs, beaches, historical buildings, and shopping.
  • For more than two decades, the Port of Miami, has been the number one cruise passenger port in the world.
  • Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with a marked drier season in the winter.
  • Miami and Miami Beach are separated by Biscayne Bay.

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