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Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Season One of Dexter: New Blood. It’s located in the small town of Iron Lake, in upstate New York. At different times, Ethan Williams and Harrison were patients there.


"H Is for Hero"

After Harrison is injured at the high school in a violent incident with his friend Ethan (which Dexter believes Harrison provoked), Harrison goes to the hospital to visit Ethan Williams. Ethan, suffering from a near-fatal leg wound, is still heavily sedated, but Harrison speaks with Ethan's parents, who are understandably upset. Harrison seems shocked when the angry mother tells him that they are going to have to move out of town. after what happened, and that Ethan won't be going back to school. The father says that they never want to see Harrison again.


Harrison winds up here after getting a bad dose at the kill-list party.

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These scenes were shot at Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford, at 170 Governors Avenue ( at Lawrence Road ), in Medford, Massachusetts. They added fake snow because it was the month of May when they filmed.