Max Lindquist
Character Profile
First Appearance
Dexter Early Cuts - All in the Family, Chapter One (Corpse)
Last Appearance
Dexter Early Cuts - All in the Family, Chapter Six
Full Name
Max Lindquist

Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan
Personal Status
Marital Status
Unnamed wife
Immediate Relatives
Coleman Lindquist (son; deceased)
Killer Profile
"No Known Moniker"
Number of Victims
14 (directly)
15 (indirectly)
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
He sends his son to find a young woman who is a prostitute waits for her to be picked up and then follows her to a certain location so that the locations, when on a map, form a star, and after he follows her he puts on a white mask to cover his face and then he slits their throats with a straight blade razor with her John watching in horror and then moves to abduct the John to bring to his father Max where Max kills him.
Method of Disposal
None for the prostitute but the Johns are put into a body bag, he then puts him in his car, drives to his house, and takes the body inside where it is presumably disposed of in some unknown manner
He was hurt by his wife leaving the family to be with another man and developed hatred to the man who stole her from him.
Max Lindquist is one of the two main antagonists in Dexter Early Cuts and a target of Dexter. He is a serial killer who targets couples comprised of one prostitute and her John. He would send his son Coleman Lindquist to kill the prostitutes and bring back the Johns so that Max could kill them.


He appears to be in his 60's with white hair and brown eyes.



He raised by his son Coleman with his wife at 8008 Park Street and grew up happily with his family. But sometime in his later his wife left him for another man and Max blamed the man she was seeing. Eventually he and his son began killing prostitutes and their johns for between three years beginning in 1998. He would sent Coleman to kill prostitutes in-between December 1st and January 1st since she left during Christmas time. Coleman would then bring the Johns home so Max could kill them himself. After Coleman brought him his next latest victim he saw Dexter Morgan lurking in the shadows.

The Lindquists tried to kill Dexter but Dexter knocked Max out and strangled Coleman to the point of unconsciousness. He set the John they were planning to kill free, and they both woke up to Dexter and themselves being covered in plastic. Dexter cut each of their cheeks and took blood from each of them and formed a single blood drop from it. He then kills them and dumps their bodies in the Bay Harbor.


  • 14 unnamed Johns
  • Unnamed John (Attempted)
  • 15 Prostitutes (Indirectly)


  • The Lindquists are the first and the only Main Antagonist Duo in the entire Dexter series. The Doomsday Killers were thought to be a duo, but later it is revealed to be Travis Marshall and his Dark Passenger.
  • The Lindquists are the first chronological occurrence of Dexter facing a team of killers. Taking place in 2000, this precedes all other duos and groups.
  • Dexter choosing to take a blood slide from both conflicts with an earlier Early Cuts episode where Alex Timmons was the FIRST blood slide taken. The date listed for those events was 2003. However, according to the Showtime series he was killed in 1999 which would not conflict with blood slides taken for both of the Lindquists.
    • Of interest, this is the only occurrence where Dexter combines the blood droplets into one slide. He claims that being unprepared for a second killer, he had only brought one with him. No other duos have received this treatment.
  • Max is one of few fathers in the series that are serial killers, the most notable being Dexter Morgan and Arthur Mitchell. However, unlike those two, he is just as psychologically disturbed as his son and shares in the killing where as neither Arthur or Dexter killed alongside their children.
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