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Maura Bennett:

Maura Bennett: Astor and Cody's Grandmother

Maura Bennett is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is the mother of Paul Bennett and the paternal grandmother of Astor and Cody Bennett.

Season Four[]

She and her husband, Bill, took Astor and Cody on a trip to Walt Disney World, while Dexter Morgan, Rita, and Harrison went on a honeymoon trip to the Florida Keys.

Season Five[]

When Cody, Astor, and their grandparents returned from their trip, they learned that Rita had been murdered by The Trinity Killer. Astor took it especially hard, saying that she hated Dexter for not protecting her mother.

For a couple of days, the children lived with Dexter in his apartment until Astor demanded to live her grandparents. Astor and Cody then moved to Orlando with them, while Dexter kept Harrison with him.

Later, they all came down to Miami for Harrison's birthday to the surprise of Dexter. Before they returned to Orlando, Astor and Cody asked to spend the summer with Dexter in Miami, and he agreed.

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