Matt Davis is a character in Dexter Interactive Investigation. He is the killer of this game, responsible for the deaths of at least 7 people throughout three cities.


Matt is an older man in his late 30's with a greying goatee and is somewhat heavyset. He stands 6'3 and wears a green cap with a dark-colored wintercoat.


Not much is shown of Matt, but apparently he had an alterier motive to the riddles he left behind. What they are and whether or not it will ever be known the purpose of them is unclear. He does put up a struggle when confronted by Dexter but that's about it. He is also responsible for several breakins.

General Information

Matt Davis
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Profession: Carpenter
Hand: Unknown
Blood Type: AB-
Record: Arrested for breaking and entering in 1992 and again in 1996.


Matt Davis killed 3 people in Chicago during 2008, then 3 more people in Miami in 2009. In 2010 he claimed one more victim, Carlos Delioni, in New York City...which finally prompts Dexter to follow Matt and stop him from claiming another life. He investigates the crime scene where Carlos was murdered, discovering the death to be by hammer as well as DNA belonging to Matt. He then goes through possible suspects and figures Matt to be the most probable, heading quickly to his apartment in order to question him.

Before he can, he discovers a man running out the window and chases him into a building...finding out that he was following Matt because he killed his father long ago. The man points Dexter in the right direction of where to find Matt, at a train station leaving at Dexter returns, grabs his gear and heads to the station...spotting Matt throughout a crowd. Dexter tails him to a secluded area and struggles with Matt to inject him with M99, which finally succeeds and ultimately Dexter takes him to a kill room, where Matt is stabbed in the heart and cut into many pieces (probably dumped at in waters nearby).


Matt is suspected to be the killer...yet Dexter does not go through any of the normal hunt procedures. He simply goes to the apartment, meets a mysterious guy who tells him that Matt killed his father (and for some reason, wants nothing to do with the police) and the kid then points him in the direction of Matt...somehow knowing where he's going. Dexter then goes to the station and injects this guy, killing him without a Ritual or anything. It was a really "spontanious" scenario that leaves doubt whether or not Matt is the ACTUAL killer. If anything, the younger guy Dexter meets seems to be more suspicious.

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