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Matt Chambers:

Matt Chambers: Alcoholic Hit-and-Runner

""Nothing a new city can't cure." - Matt Chambers, to Dexter"

Matthew "Matt" Chambers is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER.

He was a repeat drunk driver who caused multiple accidents but escaped conviction by faking his emotions and fabricating stories. Unfortunately for him, he passed into Dexter Morgan's sights and became Dexter's third shown victim.


Matt was accused of killing a young man In Miami named Alexander Pryce while drunk driving. At his court hearing, Dexter watched Matt's behavior and afterward looked into him. He discovered that Matt, while driving drunk, had injured a woman in Santa Fe and killed an off-duty firefighter in South Boston. Each time, Matt had been exonerated. He then changed his name and would move to a new city

In the latest incident, Matt again managed to avoid punishment by putting on a sad face in court, crying crocodile tears, and lying about his car being stolen. After Matt was found not guilty for the third time, Dexter followed him to a local bar, where Matt was drinking again. Dexter soon captured and killed Matt in an abandoned liquor store with a stab to the chest.

Although not explicitly stated, it appeared that Matt wasn't purposefully targeting his victims, but had a complete disregard for their lives.

Known Victims[]

  • Unnamed woman (paralyzed from the neck down)
  • Unnamed firefighter
  • Alexander Pryce (age 18)


  • "Matt Chambers, welcome to your last change of address. You'll like it here. You and your neighbors have so much in common.: - Dexter voiceover, as he stores Matt's blood slide
  • "There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface." -Dexter voiceover

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  • It's unknown if "Chambers" was his birth-given surname, however, all of his fabricated names shared "Matthew" as the first name.
  • Matt, along with the subplot involving Carlos Guerrero, were not featured in Darkly Dreaming Dexter for which the first season is based on. He is the first of several on screen kills exclusive to the television series prior to the split in story that occurs in Season Two.