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Bartender, deceased S7E5

The Bartender's corpse

Mateo's Bar Shooting case is a police case in Season Seven of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It concerns the murders of three Rojas Cartel members in Mateo's Bar.



  • Isaak Sirko - Koshka Brotherhood gangster arrested after his blood was found at the scene. However the evidence later went missing, forcing the department to release him.

History of Killer[]

Isaak Sirko was a mob boss in a homosexual relationship with foot soldier Viktor Baskov. After Viktor was killed by Dexter Morgan Isaak vowed revenge and began stalking Dexter. Dexter tried to get rid of him by leading him into Mateo's Bar, a Rojas Cartel hangout, leading to Isaak killing three cartel members in a shootout.

Detectives on Case[]

Other operatives involved in case[]


Closure of Case[]

The case is still open because nobody was ever convicted of the crime.

Fate of Killer[]

Isaak Sirko got away with murder. However he was later murdered by George Novikov.