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Mateo's Bar

Mateo's Bar is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

The bar was a hangout for the Columbian drug cartel.

Season Seven

Knowing the Koshka Brotherhood and the Columbian drug cartel were enemies, Dexter tricked Isaak Sirko into following him to Mateo’s Bar, a Columbian hangout. Dexter entered the bar and Isaak, not knowing who owned the bar, followed him inside. By then, Dexter had exited out a restroom window. Isaak found himself surrounded by several angry Columbians, and realized that he had been set up. Outside, as Dexter walked away, he heard gunshots from inside and assumed that Isaak had been killed.

Miami Metro Homicide were called to investigate several homicides at Mateo’s Bar. They found a bloody crime scene, and three dead Columbians. Dexter was surprised that Isaak’s body was not there. He reconstructed what happened, step by step. He informed the team that it was the work of a single, brutally efficient killer. Debra Morgan half-jokingly asked if it was the“Terminator.” Dexter discovered some blood spatter showing that the killer had been wounded. It was matched to Isaak and he was arrested. The Koshka Brotherhood then blackmailed Joey Quinn to to steal the blood evidence linking Isaak to the crime.

After Joey Quinn got rid of the blood evidence against Isaak, Miami Metro Homicide returned to the bar, hoping to find more blood. When they entered, however, they found that the bar had been deliberately contaminated with sewage by the Koshka Brotherhood. Angel Batista called Quinn outside and told him that he knew Quinn had been in the evidence locker. He discussed the missing blood evidence and Quinn denied stealing it.

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