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Marketplace Vendor:

Marketplace Vendor: Souvenir Seller

Marketplace Vendor is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan buys a knife from him as a gift for Lumen Pierce.


Lumen and Dexter stop at a Cuban marketplace stand and the vendor reaches for an item.

Vendor: “Just got this in. It's handmade. It's very chic.”
Lumen: “Um, it's not quite me.”
Vendor: “Perhaps one of the rings.”
Dexter: (pointing to a knife) “How about that?”

The vendor picks up the knife and hands it to Lumen.

Dexter: “It's nice...small enough to carry, locking pin, stainless-steel blade. How's it feel?”
Lumen: (smiling) “Good.”
Dexter: “We'll take it.”
Lumen: “Thank you.”
Dexter: “Sure.”

As they walk away, Dexter checks his watch, realizing that Joey Quinn will be off work in an hour. They discuss his motive for surveilling them. Dexter tries to convince Lumen to leave Miami temporarily for her safety, but she refuses. She says they’re a team, and they kiss.