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Dexter under MacArthur Causeway

MacArthur Causeway is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a split bridge that connects downtown Miami to South Beach via Biscayne Bay.

The body of an uncover police officer is found under MacArthur Causeway where it first passes over the eastern edge of Watson island.


Dexter Morgan arrives at a crime scene where the body of a man is lying on the ground, his head smashed from a fall from the split bridge above him. Dexter tells Maria LaGuerta that he fell from the westbound causeway, not the eastbound, because it’s higher. Upon closer inspection of the corpse, Dexter discovers a piece of human flesh inside the man's mouth. As he removes it, he’s sprayed by blood. (Back at the lab, he checks his face blood with Luminol.)

It turns out that the dead man is a policeman, Ricky Simmons, who had been working undercover, passing as a member of Carlos Guerrero’s drug cartel. Guerrero had found out Ricky’s secret and one of his men pushed him off the bridge.

The flesh from Ricky’s mouth is proven to be from the arm of the Norberto Cervantes who was bitten during the struggle.


  • The opening shot of Dexter eating a banana while driving over a bridge is not the same bridge.

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