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Inside Lyle Sussman's house

Lyle Sussman's House is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

The resident, Lyle Sussman, was a victim of the Brain Surgeon.


1211 Messina Ave.
Miami, FL 33134


Lyle's fingerprints are on the plastic bag that was used to suffocate Leonard Welks, whose body was found at a skateboard park. To prove that Lyle is the killer, Dexter breaks into his house. At first glance, it all looks innocent, just like his apartment. There is even a similar AC wall unit. Nah, he thought.

Although Dexter searches Lyle's drawers, mail, and laptop, he finds nothing of interest. The dead and dying house plants indicate that Lyle lost his green thumb, or hasn't been there in a while. Then Dexter sees a photo of Lyle with a dead deer outside a hunting cabin. Isolated. Lake Nona. It's a large lake, but at least it's a starting place.

Suddenly, Dexter hears a rush of vehicles pull up outside and he peers out of the window. When he sees Angel Batista getting out of an unmarked Miami Metro police car, Dexter quickly slips out of the house, unnoticed.

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