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Lumen Pierce:

Lumen Pierce: Vigilante Killer, Partner and Lover

Lumen Ann Pierce is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

With the assistance of Dexter Morgan, she hunted down the group of men who raped and tortured her. Lumen is the only living person to know Dexter's secret.


Lumen is a 5'3" pretty woman in her early 30s with long blonde hair, and a slender body. She has multiple scars on her back, caused by beatings suffered at the hands of the Barrel Girl Gang. In her initial appearance, she is dirty, and her clothing is ragged, a result of her confinement and abuse.

After Dexter rescues her, she often wears her hair back in a ponytail with light makeup, along with various sets of clothes which Dexter rescued from the motel storage. This includes a hoodie used when she stalks Robert Brunner and later searches Alex Tilden's house with Dexter. Her kill uniform is a navy blue long-sleeved shirt, dark jeans, and gloves that Dexter gave to her.

To keep Dan Mendell from recognizing her, she wore a black wig and heavier makeup to mask her appearance.


When Dexter first finds Lumen, she is terrified and assumes that he’s a member of the group that tortured her. While Dexter keeps her captive at the Visitor Information Center, Lumen remains distrustful of him. She puts up a fight and attempts to escape more than once.

The extent of her psychological damage is apparent when a TSA touches her at the airport. She experiences a panic attack; her vision blurs and sounds are muffled. She assumes the men around her are watching her with the intent of rape.

Despite her horrific experiences, she has fierce determination and takes direct action to kill the men who brutally raped her. She feels that she can't find peace until they are dead.

In time, she grows close to Dexter, with them becoming partners-in-crime, and lovers.


Lumen grew up in Minneapolis, MN. On her wedding day, she left her fiance, Owen, at the altar because she was unable to bear the thought of a mundane life. She then picked up and moved alone to Miami, renting a room upon arrival at the Towne House Motel. One night, Lumen went to a bar called Hurricane 26, from where she was kidnapped. For several days, she was kept captive at River Jordan Camp, where she repeatedly tortured and raped by the Barrel Girl Gang. When they were through with her, Lumen was taken to the attic in Boyd Fowler’s house. It was his job to kill her and get rid of her body. However, before he was able to do so, Dexter Morgan realized that Boyd was a serial killer and murdered him. This left Lumen alive, but in dreadful shape. Because she witnessed him killing Boyd, Dexter was left with the choice to let Lumen die or keep her alive.

Season Five[]

Dexter captures Boyd Fowler in his house where he carries out an improvised kill ritual. As he delivers the fatal knife thrust to Boyd’s heart, he notices that someone is watching him through a door window. Dexter quickly opens it to find a shivering woman in dirty, ragged clothing. She struggles to escape before collapsing in his arms.

Because the woman witnessed him kill Boyd, Dexter locks her in an abandoned Visitor Information Center. While she’s sleeping, he cleans her wounds and weighs the first rule of the Code of Harry - “Don’t get caught.”

After waking, she's terrified of Dexter and tries to escape. She struggles violently until he injects her with M99. While she’s passed out, Dexter takes her fingerprints and afterward learns who she is -- Lumen Pierce, from Minneapolis, MN.

The next day, Dexter returns to the center and finds Lumen still extremely wary of him. When he offers her medicine, she refuses to take it, and lies that her name is “Rachel.” He tries to convince her that he won’t hurt her but she remains fearful. Lumen asks if he’s going to sell her and he assures her that he will not. Suddenly, Lumen runs to the door but Dexter catches her. He leaves her in the center, padlocking the door, as Lumen is heard screaming.

During an online search, Dexter discovers that Lumen had rented a room at the Towne House Motel before she was kidnapped. Pretending to be her husband, Dexter retrieves her belongings from the motel clerk. He looks through Lumen’s stuff and finds a letter from her mother begging her to come home. He drops it all off at the tourist center. After Dexter leaves, Lumen reads the letter and bursts into tears.

Dexter returns the next day to find Lumen lying on floor, apparently unconscious. When he bends down to check on her, she hits him over the head with an object. She runs out the door and padlocks it. However, Dexter's strength prevails and he bursts through the door, giving chase. Lumen almost escapes but she hesitates to enter a car with young men and Dexter captures her.

Dexter takes Lumen by force to Boyd's marsh and shows her the dead barrel girls. He insists that he saved her from the same fate. To prove that she can trust him, Dexter gives Lumen a knife. but she quickly uses it to cut Dexter’s shoulder. When he doesn’t strike back, she’s finally convinced that Dexter won’t hurt her. They sit on the back of Dexter’s car, talking, as she tends his wound. To Dexter’s surprise, Lumen reveals that Boyd wasn’t the only one who had raped and tortured her.

Dexter has released Lumen and she’s again staying at the Towne House Motel. As she’s having breakfast at Boardwalk Cafe, Dexter sits down across from her. She is not delighted to see him, especially when he presents her with a plane ticket to Minneapolis. He thinks it’s best for her to head home to her family. Lumen, however, is filled with the desire to hunt down her attackers, which Dexter advises against.

Dexter looks into Boyd's past, hoping to find a link to his associates. When he returns to Boyd’s house, it’s clear that someone has broken in and frantically searched for something. Dexter discovers blood and a thumbprint. To his surprise, when he runs them, they belong to Lumen.

Dexter returns to Lumen’s motel and knocks on the door, but when no one answers, he breaks in. He finds a wall covered with sticky notes and obsessive research, much like Frank Lundy's Trinity research. It’s apparent that Lumen has concluded that an ex-con, Robert Brunner, is one of her attackers. Dexter also notices that she has been sleeping in the closet as a way to keep her safe.

Dexter confronts Lumen at the Boardwalk Cafe and again insists that she give up her manhunt. At one point, he grasps her arm, causing her to yell, “Don’t touch me!” This startles the others in the cafe and Dexter tries to hide his face. The two once again part ways, as both look for Robert Brunner.

After confirming that Brunner is rapist, Dexter finds him living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway with other released sex offenders. Dexter strikes up a conversation and injects him with M99. However, he discovers that Brunner can’t be one of Lumen’s rapists because he's wearing an ankle bracelet that tracks his location. He ends up releasing an unconscious Brunner near the bridge.

Dexter returns again to Lumen’s motel, only to learn from the clerk that she's off to “Tuttle Bridge.” Meanwhile, Lumen is walking around under the bridge, wearing a dark gray hoodie and dark pants that hide most of her features. The men in the area assume that she's just a skinny guy. As she searches for Brunner, her fear and anxiety return. She finally spots Brunner, her target. With her hands shaking, Lumen lifts a gun to take Brunner’s life. However, Dexter intervenes and, after a brief struggle, he convinces her that Brunner is not one of her attackers. Lumen is horrified at her mistake and agrees to leave Miami

Later, at the airport, Dexter and Lumen bid each other farewell and he finally tells her his last name. After Dexter leaves, Lumen is required to undergo a body search. A female agent pats down her body, as man after man passes by, and it causes Lumen to suffer an anxiety attack. In the final scenes, Lumen enters a taxi outside the airport, revealing that she never boarded the plane out of Miami.

Donning a black wig, spaghetti strap dress, and high heels, Lumen heads off to a bar called Hurricane 26 in search of her attackers. She catches a whiff of old sweat and chlorine on a man and recognizes the odor.

Dexter, who is about to kill Lance Robinson inside a RV, receives a panicked phone call from Lumen who reveals she’s still in Miami. She needs his help because she just shot one of her rapists and doesn’t know what to do with the body. Thoroughly annoyed, Dexter throws Lance, unconscious and wrapped in plastic, into the back of his car.

When Dexter arrives at the warehouse, he and Lumen begin to argue. She leads Dexter to the body, but it’s gone. Dexter is angry that the man escaped, leaving a pool of blood. Dexter orders Lumen to describe the entire scenario and he locates four bullet holes in the area, proving that the man was shot once. Dexter follows a blood trail until he finds the guy hiding under a floor grate. He pulls the man out and removes the ID from his wallet. His name is Dan Mendell, a dentist for children, and seemingly harmless. Dan insists that he doesn’t know Lumen and calls her crazy. Meanwhile, Dexter receives a text that police are on the way to the warehouse because someone heard gunshots and called it in.

Dexter thinks Lumen shot the wrong guy until he overhears Dan on Lumen's phone telling an associate that she survived. When Dan threatens Lumen and calls her a cunt, Dexter snaps his neck. Lumen washes down the crime scene with a hose as Dexter gets blood-free clothes for them.

A new problem arises when Lance wakes up and escapes from Dexter’s car. Dexter orders Lumen to go to his house and gives her the address and key. He then chases after Lance and catches him in the nick of time. Dexter strangles him and sets it up to appear that Lance and Dan killed each other during a kinky sex encounter. When the homicide team arrives, Masuka labels the scene “Autoerotic Mummification."

When Dexter walks through his house, he’s startled to see Lumen lying in the bathtub in the same position in which he found Rita murdered. After she grabs a towel, Lumen and Dexter sit by the tub and discuss their pasts. Lumen feels that she won’t rest as long as the men who brutalized her are still out there. Dexter, having not helped Rita, decides to help Lumen.

Now that Lumen’s rapists know she’s still alive, she is hiding out in Dexter’s house. He brings her food and asks for details about her attackers. She tells him about "Watch Guy," who kept her tied to a chair, blindfolded. He tormented her by holding a ticking watch to her ear while whispering, “Tick..tick..tick. That’s the sound of your life running out.” Next, she describes “Suit-and-Tie.” He always removed his jacket and carefully folded it before assaulting her. Lumen is sure that she’ll recognize him because he always took off her blindfold.

Dexter is called to a crime scene on a public street. He finds a wrecked pickup truck, five dead women lying on the street, and five old barrels nearby. He recognizes them from the marsh and realizes that someone attempted to move the bodies, but had an accident.

The driver is nowhere in sight, having run away. Dexter hurries to the truck to look for evidence, but Vince Masuka has beaten him to it. They are fingerprints (that later match to Cole Harmon) and a folded jacket, which Dexter assumes belongs to the Suit-and-Tie Guy, who always folded his jacket before raping Lumen. The truck is registered to motivational speaker, Jordan Chase, the same guy on Boyd’s Take it! CDs. Meanwhile, Stan Liddy calls Quinn to tell him that a girl is living in Dexter’s house and the For Sale sign has been taken down.

Jordan and Cole show up at the station to clear their names, and Dexter manages to take a picture of them. He later shows it to Lumen, and she recognizes Cole (because he didn’t blindfold her), but not Jordan. Lumen’s nerves are frazzled as she hasn’t been sleeping and is drinking copious amount of coffee. Dexter tells her that she can quit now since Florida has the death penalty. However, she insists on killing the men herself and he understands. However, he first must derail the police investigation into Cole.

Dexter and Lumen return to Boyd's house to remove all evidence of her presence. She fears entering the attic where she was tied up for two days. She describes how she chewed on the rope for hours until she freed herself, only to see him kill Boyd.

On the way out, Dexter grabs Boyd's wallet and plants it in Cole’s pickup truck. During a second sweep, Masuka finds it. The homicide team investigates Boyd’s house and they find twelve numbered locks of hair, a large barrel, jumper cables, and the attic where the girls were kept before being killed. Instantly, Boyd becomes the new prime suspect in the "Barrel Girls Case."

Again at the station, Cole and Jordan deny that Boyd is a friend, but a stalker who attended the seminars.

Liddy shows up at Quinn’s apartment, and demands more money to continue his investigation into Lumen.

Leaving Lumen in the car, Dexter breaks into Cole’s house and finds a photo of a group of five young men. Suddenly, Cole attacks him from behind. The house alarm goes off as Lumen appears out of nowhere and beats the crap out of Cole with a flashlight. The two escape before Cole regains consciousness and recognizes them.

Dexter brings Harrison to the house and Lumen takes him into her arms.

During a break in Jordan's seminar, Dexter gets a call from Lumen. She hasn't found a connection between the five men in the photo, but did learn that Cole is a former Marine, dishonorably discharged for beating up an officer. Lumen says Cole is dangerous, and he's the one who left the marks on her back.

Lumen’s ex-fiance, Owen, unexpectedly arrives in Miami and calls her. The next day, they meet at a cafe; when he hugs her, she cringes. He says she looks beautiful and asks if she's met someone else, which she denies. The two talk for awhile about their past in Minneapolis, and then he asks her to go with him on a trip around the world. When Lumen expresses reluctance, he says to think about it and tell him her decision the next night. However, when Lumen never shows up, he rips up her plane ticket and leaves Miami.

Dexter books the hotel room next to Cole's and gives Lumen a list of supplies for to pick up: duct tape, polyethylene sheeting, and garbage bags. While she’s shopping, Stan Liddy causes them to have a minor car accident so he could obtain her information.

Lumen brings the supplies to the hotel, and she helps Dexter cover their room in plastic. That night, Dexter and Lumen wait for Cole to return to his room, which is next to theirs. Dexter plans to ambush him and inject him with M99. However, when a girl starts screaming in Cole's room, Dexter assumes the worst. He sneaks into Cole's room, only to find him engaging in sex with a blonde woman. Dexter is irritated that he must wait until the next day to kill Cole. The woman's screams cause Lumen to cover her ears, while reliving her nightmarish ordeal. Dexter tries to comfort her, and she finally sleeps for several hours.

The next day, before Dexter grabs Cole, Jordan calls him up on stage during a seminar to express how he felt when Rita was murdered. While he’s doing this, Cole spots Lumen in the lobby and goes after her. Lumen texts Dexter, runs back to their room, and locks the door. Suddenly, Cole busts through the connecting door. He holds Lumen down and begins to choke the life out of her. Just in time, Dexter intervenes and puts Cole in a sleeper hold, rendering him unconscious.

When Cole wakes up, he is wrapped in plastic and ready for the kill. He refuses to tell them the names of the remaining rapists. Instead, Cole smirks and mumbles, "Huey, Dewey, and Louie." Dexter forces Cole to look at pictures of the Barrel Girls before he slices his cheek to collect a blood trophy. As Dexter holds his knife above Cole, Lumen nods. Then, as she watches, Dexter stabs Cole in his heart.

After Cole is dead, Dexter tells Lumen, "You said I’d done this before. It’s true. This is who I am." He says that, as a child, his mother was murdered in front of him. It shattered him and he’s been killing ever since. He explains that it was the only way he could feel “unbroken,” but after Rita's death, none of it made sense anymore -- until now. He then hands Cole’s blood slide to Lumen.

As Dexter and Lumen are disposing of Cole’s bagged remains from the Slice of Life, Stan Liddy photographs them with a telephoto lens.

Dexter is on the phone with Lumen when she suddenly sees a shadow at the kitchen door. The knob rattles and she tells Dexter that someone is trying to break in. The door also rattles at the front. Lumen grabs a knife and whispers to Dexter that they are inside and coming towards her. He tells her to keep the line open and she hides in the bathroom. It turns out to be only Astor and her friend, Olivia, who took a bus from Orlando to Miami and thought the house was empty. It’s apparent they’ve been drinking.

Not knowing how to deal with Astor, Dexter asks Lumen's advice on teenage girls. She advises him to talk to her and share something that he did at her age (which he knows isn’t a good idea). Lumen says he should cut Astor some slack and says her hangover will be punishment enough. During breakfast, Dexter tells Astor that he wants to spend the day with her to talk. She agrees as long as Harrison can come along, too. Just then, Harrison calls Lumen "Mama" to everyone's surprise. Astor tells him, "She's not your mama. Your mama's dead," which displeases Dexter. Olivia remarks to Lumen that her family is weird, too.

While at work, Dexter receives a call from Lumen, who is babysitting the three kids. She frantically tells him that Astor and Olivia have gone missing. He hurries home to see Lumen speaking with his neighbor, Elliot Larson. Elliot saw a white van at the house and knew part of its license plate number, but didn’t suspect anything because he was unaware that a tenant was living in Dexter's house.

Dexter reports the van to the police and returns to the department, where everyone rallies around him. The man in the white van is found at a gas station, but he turns out to be Barry Kurt, the boyfriend of Olivia’s mother who was just looking for Olivia. The girls are soon found at the mall, having been detained for shoplifting.

Dexter brings Deb and the two girls back to his house, where Lumen is waiting. He uncomfortably introduces Lumen to Deb as his tenant. Lumen goes off to check on the girls while Dexter denies to a skeptical Deb that he’s in a personal relationship with Lumen.

After Deb leaves, Dexter asks Astor what is going on with her drinking and shoplifting. He tells her that she’s following a bad path, but she is uncooperative. Astor turns things back on him, asking about Lumen again. He says they’re going to sit there until she is ready to talk.

Meanwhile, Lumen notices bruises on Olivia's stomach, which Olivia shrugs off as nothing. Lumen, though, recognizes the signs of abuse and discloses to Dexter that Olivia has been beaten. Astor reveals to Dexter that she knew about Olivia and asks him not to be mad at her. She asks Dexter to promise that he won’t say anything, or Barry will keep hitting Olivia. She adds that he only hits her in places that don't show. Dexter assures Astor that he will take care of it. When he later meets with Barry, Dexter beats him up and orders him to break up with Olivia’s mother.

While in Dexter’s house, Lumen answers a call from Jordan Chase, who is looking for Dexter. He asks her to relay a message, saying that Dexter needs to schedule an appointment, adding, "Tick, tick, tick. That's the sound of his life running out." He then addresses Lumen by her first name. She gasps and hangs up, terrified.

Now that Jordan knows Lumen has been living in Dexter’s house, she can’t stay there. Dexter lets her stay in his apartment after Sonya takes Harrison to his grandparents in Orlando. Lumen says that Chase needs to be taken out now, but Dexter states that it will be difficult since he knows about them. He shows Lumen the picture of Emily Birch, whose blood was in Jordan’s necklace vial. Lumen notes that she looks like her and the girls in the barrels, only older. Dexter says that she might be the first victim and they’ll talk to her later that day. He leaves for work, telling her not to open the door to anyone.

During lunch break, Dexter goes with Lumen to Emily’s house which has a barred door and barred windows. Emily warily answers the door and denies knowing Jordan. When they show her the old photo of five men, she also denies knowing them and shuts the door.

Dexter is called to Cole’s house on a search warrant. The place is a mess and he has gone missing. Debra points out blood on a baseboard, and Dexter realizes it’s Cole’s blood from when Lumen hit him the other night. Joey Quinn shows them a lock box holding thirteen numbered DVDs. One of the discs, playing on a screen, is of the brutal rape of a woman. Dexter realizes that the thirteenth DVD must be a recording of Lumen’s rapes.

At the station, Masuka is printing out photos of the victims on the DVDs and putting them on a whiteboard. So far, he has yet to watch disc 13. Dexter secretly scratches a blank DVD and writes “13” on it. He then distracts Masuka and switches the damaged disc with the real one before it’s viewed.

Dexter returns to his apartment where Lumen has been searching for info on Emily. To her surprise, he gives her the DVD of her rape and torture. Lumen asks if anyone watched it, and he says he only watched enough to make sure that he had the right one. Lumen is angered by her attackers’ callous reference to her as "thirteen." She tearfully thanks Dexter, saying that he is her "only way through this." Lumen is grateful that he’s willing to risk everything to help her. Dexter says that they "met each other at the right time." Later, Lumen watches her DVD in horror, while Dexter listens from his bedroom.

Lumen goes to see Emily Birch again, this time alone. She shows Emily footage from her DVD and asks if this is what happened to her. Emily reluctantly lets her inside, and tells Lumen her story. Twenty years ago, Emily says she was a counselor- in-training at a summer camp. A teenager, Jordan Chase (called Eugene Greer then) drugged her one day and she woke up in a cabin, naked and tied to a bunk. Jordan never touched her, but he encouraged the four others to “seize their desires.”Afterwards, she was forced to take their photo. Emily confirms the identify of the guys in the photo, and points out Jordan Chase and Alex Tilden.

Lumen meets with Dexter and tells him about her meeting with Emily. She hesitates on giving him Alex Tilden’s name unless he agrees to let her kill him. He warns that it will change her, but she says that she is already changed

Dexter gives Lumen a pair of black gloves as a gift in preparation of her first kill. They discuss how careful they must be and they can’t leave any fingerprints. They don’t realize that Stan Liddy is listening and watching from a van using surveillance equipment from the station.

Inside Tilden's house, Dexter and Lumen look for evidence that he was involved in her abuse. They find a gun and a box of jewelry, which holds a necklace that Lumen recognizes as her own. Dexter allows her to take it. Together, they choose a kill room.

Meanwhile, Jordan is at Emily’s house. It’s revealed that he asked her to tell Lumen everything. She asks if he’s in trouble, and he replies that Lumen has been "making waves." When Emily says that Lumen was pretty, Jordan tells Emily that no one could take her place. He says they have a bond that no one could ever break, and she made him who he is today. Emily reaches out to touch him, but Jordan pushes her hand away, which clearly hurts her. Jordan tells Emily that she is special to him, but avoids eye contact.

Lumen impresses Dexter with her kill outfit which is similar to his own. Lumen uses Dexter knife to practice her stab, with Dexter telling her to be careful. Liddy continues to listen and watch as they plan the murder.

When Tilden arrives home, he is greeted to Lumen's DVD footage as she appears standing in front of it. He runs for his gun, but Dexter injects him with M99. They take him to the kill room which is in the vacant house next door. Dexter creates a blood slide and shows Tilden the photos of his rape victims. Tilden puts the blame on Jordan and denies wanting to hurt Lumen or the other girls. He tries bargaining for his life, asking for a number to pay them off. Lumen says, "13" and Dexter gags him. Lumen then stabs Tilden in his heart.

Meanwhile, Deb and Quinn have arrived at Tilden’s house, finding the door unlocked with no one inside. Outside, Deb finds a small partial footprint, noting that it likely belongs to a woman. She wonders if the thirteenth victim escaped and is taking out the men as revenge.

After disposing of Tilden's body in the ocean, Dexter and Lumen return to his apartment. She kisses him, which leads to them having sex. Afterward, while lying next to Lumen, Dexter thought, “In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.”

Dexter and Lumen find it difficult to plan Jordan's murder because of his security. She suggests they lure him out by using her as bait. Dexter says no because too many people might be watching, including his sister. Lumen asks him if Debra has ever suspected what he does, but Dexter says she has a blind spot for him. As they kiss, Dexter notices surveillance footage of himself and Lumen on a baby monitor, and he realizes they are being watched. He quietly warns Lumen, then goes outside to find out who is behind it. Although he spots many vans in the area, he decides the perpetrator could be anywhere.

Dexter and Lumen keep an eye on the baby monitor, while pretending they don’t know of its existence. Dexter finds a Miami Metro recording device in a lamp and he tells Lumen that someone at his department is watching them. He doesn’t think they have much to go on yet since they haven't been arrested. Lumen is upset that it could end with them being arrested and Jordan going free. Dexter assures her that it won’t.

At work, Dexter discovers that Quinn logged out the surveillance equipment under a false case number. However, it’s off the books since no court order was given for surveillance of his home. Dexter decides that Quinn is investigating him on his own. To learn what Quinn has on them, he and Lumen break into Quinn's apartment. They’re shocked when they find photos of themselves disposing of black trash bags (Cole’s remains) into the ocean.

Dexter buys a pocketknife for Lumen from a vendor. He wants Lumen to leave Miami until its safe, but she refuses.

Emily Birch phones Lumen as she’s admiring her new knife. Emily sounds terrified and says that Jordan called her and he knows about their conversation. Emily wants to call the police, but Lumen objects and promises that she and Dexter are going to house. When Emily hangs up, it’s revealed that Jordan is with Emily and has been listening. He congratulates Emily on her acting. Unable to reach Dexter, Lumen leaves a voicemail, saying that she’s going to Lumen’s house.

Stan Liddy has kidnapped Dexter, who is tied up in the back of his van. Liddy calls Quinn to meet him at the fuel docks and help with his bust. Quinn doesn’t want to and Liddy threatens him to show up. Dexter notes Quinn’s reluctance. Dexter is shown some of Liddy’s surveillance footage, but Dexter barely reacts.

Lumen arrives at Emily's house alone, which causes Emily to panic. She insists that both Lumen and Dexter need to be there. Lumen becomes wary and tries to leave, but Jordan reveals himself and won’t let her.

Because he didn’t have a search warrant, Liddy pressures Dexter to give a full confession. By bringing in Dexter, he’ll be a hero and get his job back. If Dexter confesses, he’ll even let Lumen walk free. When Liddy raises his camera to record Dexter’s confession, Dexter kicks him in the head. After a struggle, Dexter overpowers Liddy and slowly stabs him in the heart. Meanwhile, Quinn shows up, but the van is locked and he’s oblivious to what happened inside. Quinn tries calling Liddy; when he doesn’t answer, he leaves a short. angry message. As Quinn is standing outside the van, a drop of Liddy's blood leaks out and falls on his shoe. After Quinn leaves, Dexter tosses the video surveillance into the water and takes the rest of the recording equipment with him.

Having listened to Lumen’s voicemail, Dexter confirms that she’s not at his apartment.

Jordan is furious, being unable to obtain Dexter’s location from Lumen. Emily annoys Jordan by repeatedly insisting that it’s not her fault. Jordan orders Emily to shut up and retorts that it is her fault. Emily and Jordan disagree on whether to kill Lumen, after which Jordan knocks Lumen and Emily to the floor. As Lumen watches in horror, Jordan beats Emily to death with a fireplace poker.

Dexter arrives at Emily’ house to find her dead and Lumen gone. He tracks bloody footprints, eventually finding Lumen’s knife outside the house. He concludes that she put up a fight.

In trying to find Lumen, Dexter tracks down the address of Jordan Chase's camp. He speeds to the scene in a stolen car but, in his haste, flips his car over a backhoe on the road. Jordan captures Dexter and brings him to the basement where he’s holding Lumen. Jordan opens Dexter's knife kit, only to notice that one knife is missing. Dexter immediately stabs Jordan in the foot, incapacitating him, and frees Lumen. They strap Jordan to a table; after he taunts Lumen, she stabs him in the heart.

Meanwhile, Debra has tracked Jordan to the camp. She walks in as Dexter and Lumen are cleaning up behind a plastic sheet that conceals their identities. Feeling sympathy for the Barrel Girls (having gone through a similar ordeal), Debra advises the two to be gone within an hour to avoid the police. She leaves without arresting them or realizing who they are.

Having killed the final member of the Barrel Girl Gang, Lumen realizes that her darkness is gone and she can't stay with Dexter any longer, He takes this hard, but understands.

Dexter solemnly walks across the beach to Harrison's one-year birthday party. He sits with Astor who asks about Lumen. Dexter tells her that she left, but thinks that he helped her.

Season Seven[]

When LaGuerta tries to prove that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still at work, Debra meets with Dexter to make sure he's covered his tracks. During their conversation, Deb realizes that Dexter’s former "tenant," Lumen, was his lover and partner in the murders of the Barrel Girl Gang. Dexter insists that it doesn't matter because even if LaGuerta tracks Lumen down, she won't incriminate him or herself.


Attempted Victims[]

  • Robert Brunner - She intended to shoot him, but Dexter intervened and informed her that he was not one of the men who raped her.
  • Dan Mendell - Shot him, but he was only wounded. Afterward, Dexter snapped his neck because he was guilty and deserved to die.

Witnessed Deaths[]

Attempted to Kill Lumen[]


  • “I know who you are, number 13, and i know what they did to you, I’ve seen the tapes. I watched them over and over. It’s a miracle you survived, a fucking miracle, and you, whoever you are, you know that too." ~Debra to Lumen (S5E12)
  • "Don’t be sorry your darkness is gone. I’ll carry if for you, always. I’ll keep it with mine.” ~Dexter to Lumen (S5E12)

Theme Music[]

As an important character, Lumen has her own featured style of music. It's a gentle tone, using instruments from Native American tribes to likely symbolize her currently difficult life.


  • Lumen was the first person to whom Dexter could truly disclose his life’s story, telling her that he had killed habitually and that he lived life as a serial killer.
  • Lumen is Dexter's second apprentice and the only one that is still alive as Miguel Prado and Zach Hamilton were killed.
  • Lumen is from Minneapolis, MN. When her ex-fiance shows up, they talk about their "beer runs in Madison." (This is because it was illegal to sell alcohol in Minnesota on Sundays, so beer runs to Wisconsin were a common practice of University of Minnesota students). Although the common practice was a beer run to Hudson, which is where the first liquor store is across the Wisconsin border. Madison is 269 miles away, Hudson is 27.
  • The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of measure of the power of light perceived by the human eye.
  • In medical terminology, a Lumen is referred to as a cavity or opening within a tube or a tubular organ. 
  • Lumen is the Latin word for Light or brightness, perhaps reflecting the enlightening effect the character has on Dexter and his personal Darkness.
  • Lumen is one of the few major characters to have a known middle name.
  • Lumen is currently the only other main protagonist in the series to have killed a main antagonist (Jordan Chase) other than Dexter. He allowed her to kill Jordan since Jordan was her main antagonist rather than his own. After Season Seven, Debra Morgan also holds this distinction.
  • Lumen and Hannah McKay are the only surviving characters to know Dexter's secret. Lumen, having witnessed it first hand, possesses extensive knowledge of his activities as a serial killer.

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