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Louis Greene's Penthouse

Louis Greene’s Penthouse is a location in Season Six and Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the Miami residence of Louis Greene, who is a lab intern, computer whiz, and video game designer.


Vince Masuka hired Louis as his new lab intern after Ryan Chambers was fired for stealing the Prosthetic Hand. Louis soon developed a strong admiration for Dexter Morgan, due to his skills and ability to solve crimes.

Season Six[]

Louis takes Jamie Batista to his penthouse for the first time. “Wow,” she remarks, noticing his expensive collections. He says people love their games and there’s a lot of money in it. He jokes that he must be “overcompensating for something.” Jamie admits to collecting black rubber bracelets back in high school, and says she understands “weird.”

Jamie asks why he’s been ignoring her lately. Louis says that he was being respectful to her brother, who “carries a very large gun” and had suggested that he back off. Jamie likes that Louis was honest and they kiss, resulting in the two making love in the bedroom.

The camera pans out to the prosthetic hand, displayed on a pedestal.

While at Dexter’s apartment, Louis shows him his video game about serial killers.. However, to his astonishment, the game disgusts Dexter. Louis quickly leaves because he doesn’t feel well.

At work, Louis thanks Dexter for being honest, but Dexter brushes him off.

Later, Louis sits at his laptop wearing latex gloves, as he draws a palm reading chart on the palm of the prosthetic hand. He then boxes it up and addresses it to “Dexter Morgan.”

Season Seven[]

Dexter arrives home to discover that Louis used his laptop without permission. He orders Louis to never touch it again.

Back at his penthouse, Louis goes online and secretly cancels all of Dexter’s credit cards. Seething with anger, he tells Jamie, “You know, everyone acts like Dexter's such a great guy, but he's really kind of a pompous jerk, don't you think? He's all like, ‘Don't touch my shit, man.’ What a dick.” Jamie stands up for Dexter, though, and tells Louis that he keeps getting weirder.

Dexter doesn’t know who left the prosthetic hand in his apartment or the reason why. At work, he finds it missing in the evidence room, so he knows it’s authentic. Masuka confidentially tells him that it was stolen by Ryan Chambers who then auctioned it online, but Louis erased the electronic trail. Dexter then understands that Louis is behind it.

To find out what Louis knows about him, Dexter breaks into his penthouse. He notices a paper with his credit card numbers, which solves the mystery of who cancelled them. He turns his attention to Louis's computer. He searches through a folder named “Rants,” which are mostly Louis talking about his collectibles. There is also a video of a call girl giving Louis oral sex. Then he hears Louis mention his name: “This is going to be worse than Bob Henley. He got off easy. I want to see Dexter lying in his own piss and vomit, and I won't stop until that represents the high point of his day. No one fucks with me. No one.” Dexter pulls up an article about Bob Henley, which reads, "Henley arrested after the FBI found child pornography on his workstation. Skanda Tech has announced his dismissal pending charges which could fetch up to 15 years." Dexter suspects that Louis took control of his software company by setting the guy up. He wonders what Louis has planned for him.

Unexpectedly, Louis arrives home and notices that his laptop is on. Dexter takes the opportunity to confront him. He shoves Louis against a wall and demands to know why he’s fucking with him. Louis begs Dexter not to hurt him and Dexter replies that he better have a good reason for him not to, because he really wants to break his neck. Louis admits that he sent him the prosthetic hand because Dexter disparaged his game. Dexter gets in Louis’s face and angrily shouts, “This is about your game?” He demands to never see him again, at work or with Jamie. Seemingly terrified, Louis promises that he is done.

Despite the warning, Dexter later finds Louis in his apartment with Jamie, smiling and unafraid. Dexter keeps his cool, watching Louis as he kisses Jamie and pats Harrison’s head. When Louis leaves, he cheerily tells Dexter that he’ll see him at work the next day. Dexter realizes that he needs to take more drastic steps to stop him.

Louis returns to his penthouse and looks around cautiously. Suddenly, Dexter injects him with M99, stating, “Just finishing what you started.” A drop of blood appears on Louis’s neck. Dexter fixates on it and remembers his promise to Deb. After reassuring Deb that he didn’t go through with a kill, Dexter leaves Louis, alive but unconscious, on a park bench.

To finally get Louis out of his life, Dexter anonymously mails the prosthetic hand to Masuka and the video of Louis with a hooker to Jamie. When Masuka opens the box, he finds a letter that mentions Louis as the seller. Outraged, he promptly fires Louis. When Louis arrives home, he finds Jamie watching the hooker video. She’s furious and breaks up with him. Louis protests that “it’s not cheating if you pay for it.”

Louis, having lost both his girlfriend and job, is determined to take revenge on Dexter. He sets out to vandalize Dexter’s boat but ends up being murdered by Isaak Sirko.


  • I can appreciate the mindset of a collector… but toys? Seems like a waste of a good obsession. - Dexter (voice-over), upon entering Louis’s penthouse

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