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Long-haired Bouncer:

Long-haired Bouncer: Bar Security Guard

Long-haired Bouncer is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He works at the bar where Lila Tournay goes drinking with Dexter Morgan and his co-workers.


After Dexter breaks up with Lila, she visits the homicide department and is invited by several of Dexter’s colleagues to go out for a drink. Annoyed, Dexter accompanies them to make sure that Lila doesn't say anything about Santos Jimenez (the man who killed his mother).

While at the bar, Lila flirtatiously tells a dirty joke to Batista, Masuka, Weiss, and Ramos as Dexter watches her antics from a nearby table. Lila then deliberately brings up Jimenez, causing Dexter to glare at her. When she needs the “loo,” Dexter follows her into the ladies room and confronts her.

Another woman tries to enter the bathroom, but Dexter sternly tells her it’s “Out of Order” and shuts the door in her face.

Lila insists that the two of them belong together because she knows the real Dexter, and isn't afraid of him. She reaches toward Dexter, but he pushes her hand away.

They are interrupted when a bouncer, accompanied by the woman Dexter kicked out, enters the room. He tells Dexter, “Hey, asshole. It’s ladies only.” The bouncer asks Lila if Dexter is giving her trouble. “A little,” she replies, “but I know he’ll see I'm right.”

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