Locos 2

Brother Sam (L) and members of the Locos gang

The Locos is a criminal organization on Showtime's series DEXTER.

Julio Benes appears to be the leader of the gang, which has territory prominently within Miami.


Background and Organization

Julio became the first known leader of the gang and started bullying local shops for protection money. When they refused, like a local barber named Hector Nunez did, Julio would kill them and dispose of the bodies in an unknown way. At some point, Nick decided to leave the gang and join other ex-cons working for Brother Sam at an auto shop.



Attempted Victim

Known Members

The organization is a minor organized group but appears to not have many confrontations with the Miami Metro Police Department

Top Officials

  • Julio Benes - the leader of the organization who tried to force Nick back into the gang.

Mid-Level Bosses

  • Leo Hernandez - Julio's second-in-command who took over leadership of the gang after Julio's "disappearance."


  • Nick - Ex-member of the Locos who tried to go straight with the help of Brother Sam. He later requested to rejoin the gang and proved his worth by killing his former mentor.


Julio headed to Brother Sam's garage to intimidate Brother Sam with a gun in order to get Nick back into the Locos. But Brother Sam just looked Julio in the eye and told him to either kill him or get out. Julio was about to pull the trigger when Dexter, who was with Sam at the time, revealed that he worked with Miami Metro and advised them to walk out. They took that advice, but not before Julio gloated about killing Nunez to Brother Sam which prompted Dexter to target and kill Julio. ("Once Upon a Time")

The Locos blamed Brother Sam for Julio's disappearance and Leo was selected to replace Julio as leader. Nick later came back to the gang wishing to get back in, but Leo wouldn't accept him unless he killed Sam and brought proof that he did so. Nick then went to Brother Sam's garage and shot him three times as Eli, the dog, watched. Nick stole the security disk from the garage and gave it to Leo. Leo had a party celebrating the event. The next day, Miami Metro showed up at his house, and Leo was shot and killed in a shootout. When the police watched the security disk, they believed that Leo had killed Sam. Dexter soon discovered that it was actually Nick who killed Sam and tried to forgive him, but ended up drowning him in anger. ("Just Let Go")

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