Dexter Volume 1

Location's Image Location's Name Information
New Hope Foundation New Hope Foundation The New Hope Foundation is a non-profit private institution which institutionalizes and helps recover people who have suffered from long term addiction to drugs, have prior criminal records or troubled pasts.
Mar dorado real face Mar Dorado Mar Dorado is, as stated by Dexter and Steve Gonzalez, a private resort, and a somewhat private island for the clients and members of the New Hope Foundation, were after completing their rehabilitation program on the New Hope Foundation, they can head to Mar Dorado and help there while also enjoying the pleasures of the resort.
Gonzalez apartment Steve Gonzalez's Penthouse According to Dexter, a high-rise penthouse, Steve Gonzalez's Penthouse is a somewhat very wide penthouse located on the up-skirts of Miami, on the last floor of a huge apartment building.
Miami Dade Police HQ Miami-Dade Police HQ Miami-Dade Police HQ is a Police department in Miami (in which Dexter and Deborah work), appearing in the Dexter comics. Its television counterpart is the Miami Metro Police Department.
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