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Dexter at Lisa's crime scene

Lisa Bell’s House is a location in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a residential home where Lisa Bell is killed in the bathtub by Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer. Thirty years ago, Vicky Noonan was also killed by Trinity in the same house.


1578 Glencoe Blvd
Miami, FL


Arthur Mitchell walks through Lisa’s dark house into the bathroom and flips on the light. He turns on the bathtub faucet and checks the water temp. After undressing, he lays a towel in front of the tub. Then he waits for his victim.

Lisa arrives home, walks through her house, and opens the bathroom door. She notices that something is off and fearfully looks around. When she closes the medicine cabinet door, she’s alarmed to see Arthur standing naked behind her and screams. He immediately grabs her and takes her captive.

Arthur forces Lisa to lie naked with him in the bathtub, as he holds her in a chokehold from behind until she passes out. He quietly tells her, “It’s already over.” Arthur then takes a straight razor, reaches down, and slits the femoral artery in Lisa’s thigh, which causes her to react. As the bathtub water slowly turns red, Trinity holds a mirror up so that he can see Lisa's face as she dies.

Later that morning, the police arrive to investigate her murder. Dexter Morgan and Karen discover additional blood evidence underneath the old floor tiles around the bathtub, indicating that there was a second murder there a long time ago. (It turns out to be Vicky Noonan's blood.)

Meanwhile, outside the house, Joey Quinn meets news reporter Christine Hill for the first time when she asks him questions about the murder. She subtly flirts with him and he gives her his personal cell phone number. Quinn nods his approval as she walks away.

While Dexter and Karen are working at Lisa’s crime scene, he’s surprised to see (retired) FBI Agent Frank Lundy show up. Lundy later tells Dexter that Lisa Bell’s murderer is a man that he’s been hunting for many years -- The Trinity Killer.

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  • The real life address of this house is 2941 Nipomo Avenue, Long Beach, CA. The number can be seen on the door.