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Lila's loft apartment

Lila's Loft Apartment is a location in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Lila West (alias Lila Tournay) lived in this apartment during her time in Miami. The kitchen and bedroom were in an upstairs loft area that overlooked the main living space which she used for an art studio.

The apartment is shown in seven episodes. (Lila appears in ten episodes.)


Dexter Morgan meets Lila Tournay at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He’s only in attendance due to pressure from Rita Bennett after he admitted to her that he has an addiction. Dexter, though, was alluding to being a serial killer, while she assumed he was addicted to heroin.

The first time that Dexter goes to Lila's apartment is on the day that Vince Masuka claims to have found a clue concerning The Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter, telling himself that he needs to stay "calm, centered, focused," visits Lila (now his NA sponsor) during his lunch break. When Dexter arrives at her place, she is wearing a visor and using a torch to work on a sculpture. Instead of providing much help, she takes him on a ride to steal art supplies.

Dexter begins to visit Lila, often late at night, to talk about how he has spent his life living up to Harry's expectations. Lila advises Dexter to make a "fresh start."

When Rita learns that Dexter and Lila spent the night in a motel, she assumes they had sex, and breaks up with him. The next day, at Lila's apartment, Dexter expresses his anger to her and they end up having sex for the first time.

Dexter admits to Rita that he and Lila had sex, but not when they traveled to Naples. In tears, Rita orders him to leave and he returns to Lila’s apartment.

Dexter and Lila are having frequent sex. One morning, as he leaves her apartment, Dexter notices that a light is out in the hallway.

Lila begins to pressure Dexter into spending more time with her. When he attends an event at Cody's school, Lila becomes distraught and sets her sculptures on fire to gain Dexter's sympathy. As he comforts her, Dexter notices that the light in the hallway has been fixed.

Dexter detects multiple origin points for the fire in Lila’s apartment, and wonders if she set the fire on purpose.

Thinking it wise to avoid Lila, Dexter tells her that he’s going bowling, She insists on going along to meet his friends. He reluctantly gives her the address and she writes it on her apartment wall. Lila then notifies Santos Jimenez of the bowling alley’s location. Later, when leaving the bowling alley, Dexter is ambushed by Jimenez and cut with a knife. Lila then takes Dexter to her apartment, patches up his arm, and holds him until he falls asleep.

When Lila learns from Debra that Dexter had lied to her about working late one night, she breaks into Rita's house with a stolen key to see if Dexter is there. This infuriates Dexter, and he immediately goes to her apartment to confront her. Lila blames him because he lied to her. She also admits that she sent Jimenez to the bowling alley. Dexter glares at Lila and states that she is more dangerous than his addiction. He orders Lila to stay away from Rita and him... or she will see the "monster."

Lila, now obsessed with Dexter, tries to get him back. When he rejects her again, she asks Angel Batista to help with painting her apartment. Angel, who is attracted to Lila, readily agrees. On the night they finish painting, Lila and Angel have sex, with her claiming to like it rough. Afterward, she goes into the bathroom, swallows a bunch of "roofies," and passes out. This leads to Angel being framed for sexual assault.

Dexter asks Lila to drop the charges against Angel at the hospital and again at her apartment. However, she won’t unless Dexter takes her back. She believes they are "soul mates.' Dexter tells her that he is leaving Miami.

Meanwhile, Debra Morgan discovers that the name Lila Tournay is an alias, with Lila's real name being Lila West. Debra goes to Lila's apartment and warns her to leave Miami on her own or be removed by immigration officials, since she is there on an expired Visa. In desperation, Lila steals Dexter's GPS, and follows the directions to the cabin in the Everglades.

Inside the cabin, Lila find James Doakes imprisoned n a cage. He begs her to unlock the cage and informs her that Dexter is The Bay Harbor Butcher. Instead of freeing Doakes, Lila sets a fire that blows up the cabin, which kills Doakes. Feeling that she kept Dexter's secret safe, Lila returns home and paints a mural of Dexter on a wall.

Dexter meets Lila at the Miami Aquarium and pretends that he wants to go away with her. Soon after, she discovers that he is actually planning to kill her. She kidnaps Cody and Astor and brings them to her apartment. When Dexter arrives to rescue them, Lila locks them inside, and sets the apartment on fire, but they all manage to escape. Dexter later exacts revenge by following Lila to Paris and stabbing her in the heart.

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