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Lexi: Tranquilized Babysitter

Lexi is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is a babysitter for Astor and Cody Bennett.


While at the Miami Aquarium, Dexter Morgan tells Lila West that he wants to go away with her and start a new life. However, Lila later looks inside Dexter's bag, and discovers that he is actually planning to kill her. This both infuriates and frightens her.

With a plan in mind, Lila rings the doorbell of Rita Bennett's house, and hides behind bushes. Lexi answers the door since Rita is not at home. No one is at the door and Lexi walks further outside, thinking that someone is pulling a prank. Suddenly, Lila approaches Lexi from behind, and quickly injects her with Dexter's M99. Lexi passes out and Lila leaves her unconscious on the couch. Lila then takes Cody and Astor to her loft as part of her dire scheme.

Meanwhile, Dexter realizes from a conversation with Thomas Matthews that Lila is up to no good. He rushes to Rita's house and finds the children missing, with Lexi fast asleep on the couch. Dexter rouses her and asks about the children. At that moment, Rita arrives home, asking what's going on. Lexi cannot recall what happened, and profusely apologizes for falling asleep. Dexter tells Rita to call the police (specifically Debra), and he orders Lexi to question the neighbors.


  • It is unknown if Lexi was ever re-offered the position to take care of the children after this incident, even though it was not her fault.
  • It's unlikely that Dexter informed Rita that Lila had used his own M99 on Lexi.

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