Laura Moser's Killers

Laura Moser's Killers are characters in Showtime's series DEXTER.

They were a group of three men from a drug cartel who were responsible for the murder of Laura Moser (the mother of Dexter Morgan and Brian Moser).


A Miami drug lord, Hector Estrada, discovered that Laura Moser was a Confidential Informant for the Miami Metro Police Department and was in a relationship with Detective Harry Morgan. Estrada then ordered two of his men to kill Laura, along with three drug users who had stolen drugs from him. Estrada went with them to a cargo container where the deed was carried out by chainsaw. Young Dexter and Brian Moser were present, and witnessed the brutality. They later grew up to be serial killers who dismembered their victims.

The Killers

  • Santos Jimenez - He was 23-years-old at the time (as he died in 2007, at the age of 57). Of the three men, he was the one who actually killed Laura Moser by wielding the chainsaw. He was forced to follow the orders of Hector Estrada or be killed himself. Jimenez turned state's evidence and went free.
  • Juan Pablo Aliso (alias Welsh) - A man in his 30s at the time, he was one of the three present during Laura's murder, and later died during a drug deal.
  • Hector Estrada (alias Lipsey) - He was the ringleader, in his 30s at the time, He was one of the three present during Laura's murder and was sentenced to life in prison. However, Maria LaGuerta arranged for his compassionate release to trap Dexter in "Do You See What I See?"

The Victims

Others Affected

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