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Larry Mueller is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Little is known about him, except that he was killed by Dexter Morgan in 2000.

He is one of the victims in the First Blood Slide Box.


Frank Lundy is sitting on a bench outside the police station reading James Doakes’ file when Maria LaGuerta briskly walks up to him, carrying a black notebook.

LaGuerta: “Special Agent Lundy. I have good news.”
Lundy: “I could use it. What you got?”
LaGuerta: “Proof that James Doakes can’t possibly be The Bay Harbor Butcher.”

Lundy takes her notebook and begins looking through the pages.

LaGuerta: “You’re looking at the documentation of a stakeout that James and I were on as partners seven years ago.”
Lundy: “Very detailed.”
LaGuerta: “We were doing surveillance when one of your new victims, Larry Mueller, went missing. James and I were holed up in a motel room 24/7 for two weeks. He didn’t have time to piss, much less abduct and murder a man.”
Lundy: “I respect your compassion for a friend and colleague...but I’m afraid this proves nothing."

He hands LaGuerta’s notebook back to her and starts to walk away, but she follows along.

LaGuerta: “No, it proves that he was with me. It’s all here -- specific dates and times. These are my personal stakeout logs.”
Lundy: “And they’re very thorough, but I can’t use them.”
LaGuerta: “No. no. This is bullshit. You got to be fucking kidding me. You can’t just ignore legitimate evidence.”
Lundy: (growing angry) “I can, and I will ignore it because you gave me no choice, lady. Those are your personal logs, and your credibility was compromised the second you failed to report a phone call from the subject of a goddamned FBI manhunt. It was a breach of protocol and ethics, and you’re lucky I don’t bring you up on charges. What really pisses me you might be right. But in trying to protect your friend, you blew the best shot we had at bringing him in from the cold. Come back to me if you find evidence I can use.”

For once, LaGuerta has nothing more to say.

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