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Landlady: Lively Lessor

Landlady is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She incorrectly views Debra Morgan and Joey Quinn as prospective tenants.


Following the death of his wife, Dexter moves back into his old apartment, but it’s far too small for five people: Dexter, Cody, Astor, Harrison, Debra.

One evening while Dexter is researching Boyd Fowler on his laptop, Debra returns home. He quickly pulls up a page of houses for rent, pretending to be looking for a new place to live. Debra notices that one of the listings is near the police station and offers to check it out for him.

The next day, Debra and Joey Quinn drive up and park outside a residential house. The sign in the yard says “For Lease, Coral Grove Real Estate.” Quinn asks Debra what they are doing there, and Debra explains that she’s looking at for Dexter.

As they enter the empty house, they are greeted by an exuberant female who begins her pitch.

Landlady: “Oh! Come in, come in.”
Quinn: “Hey.”
Landlady: “Hi! Um, we've just painted and installed new flooring throughout the house.”
Quinn: “Looks great.”

The landlady mistakes Debra and Quinn for a young couple. This embarrasses Debra, but amuses Quinn, who plays along.

Landlady: [enthusiastically] “Lots of young couples in the neighborhood. And the elementary school is about three blocks away. I'm sure you'd be very happy here.”
Debra: “Oh, it's not for us."
Quinn: [puts his arm around Deb] “I think we'd be very happy here, too. Thank you.”
Landlady: “Well, I have to get a few things out of my car. But if you have any questions, I'll just be right outside.”
Debra: “Okay. Thank you.”

When the landlady steps outside, they look around the house.

Debra: “It's a nice kitchen.”
Quinn: “Uh-huh.”
Debra: “Decent appliances.”
Quinn: “Uh-huh. Oh, look at this. Great bedroom. Check it out.”

He lies down on the bed, just to tease Debra, but she’s not amused. [She doesn’t want to be reminded that they recently had sex for the first time.]

Debra: “Don't.”
Quinn: “Ohh. Wow. Comfy bed. Feel it.”
Debra: “Get off the bed.”
Quinn: “What do you say? A little nap time?”
Debra: “I'm leaving.”
Quinn: “What did I do?”

She tells him that she has to drop him off at the station, and then pick up her brother's kids.