La Botanica

La Botanica

La Botanica is a business location in Season Five of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

It is a small store that sells herbal remedies and religious items.


1132 Moredo Street

Miami, FL


Looking for information, Debra Morgan and Cira Manzon pay a visit to La Botanica. Cira grew up in the neighborhood and speculates that the killer they’re looking for belongs to a Santeria religious cult. The front room sells Jesus and Mary statues and similar items. When Debra and Cira are allowed into the back room, where they find the darker Santeria merchandise. They speak with the owner who, at first, pretends to not speak English and offers little help. He, though, remarks that he doesn't believe in what he's selling.

Outside La Botanica, they decide that Fauzi won’t help them because Debra is an outsider. Debra asks Cira to return alone to the store the next day to try again. When she does, Fauzi gives Cira a description of two men.

Cira and Debra return to the store. It looks empty at first, but then they look in the back room. The find the owner - dead and decapitated. Cira says he was killed because he had talked to them.

Debra calls Dexter Morgan, and he briefly returns to work to help analyze the La Botanica crime scene. Dexter discovers a fallen ash on the floor and determines that it was from a small cigar. A cigar butt is found outside, and a three-quarters partial thumbprint on it is traced to the Fuentes Brothers.

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