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Kurt's Secret Cabin NBS1E4

Kurt's Secret Cabin

"No electric wires coming in. Generator. Propane tank for power. This place is as off-the-grid as they come." - Dexter (voiceover)

Kurt Caldwell's Secret Cabin is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It’s located in a remote area outside of Iron Lake on Stern Road. It is not Kurt Caldwell's primary residence.


It’s a small wooden structure with a porch. Exterior doors lead to the cellar where there is a hotel-like bedroom and bathroom. A light fixture contains a hidden camera under which is written the words, "You’re already dead".

Outside the cabin, 100 yards north of the front door, under a deadwood pile, there is a hatch leading down to an underground bunker.


Lily Kosnicki wipes the steam off a bathroom mirror and opens the door to what appears to be a motel room. She seems surprised to find a bottle of champagne and a bowl of strawberries. Lily pops the cork and drinks directly from the bottle, unaware that someone is watching her from a hidden camera. She becomes sick, vomits, and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she can't find her phone and realizes that the door has no handle. Lily bangs on the door and screams for help. Then she notices the camera hidden in a light fixture with the words "You're already dead" written under it. She's terrified.

Lily sits huddled in a corner of the room. In the cabin above her, a man plays the song "Runaway" while he dons winter gloves, a full face ski mask, and a camouflage coat. He presses a button on his laptop's keyboard which unlocks the room's door. Warily, Lily puts on her coat and enters a passageway. She runs down it, climbs the stairs, and exits the cellar. As Lily races away into the darkness, the man points his rifle at her. She looks over her shoulder for a moment, sees a red laser light, and is shot dead. Dexter, who is out in the woods planting Matt Caldwell's scent, hears the gunshot but thinks it's an early hunter.

Kurt talks to a green-haired young woman hanging out in his diner. She tells him that she spent the money he gave her for bus fare on food and a coat instead. She asks for more money but he says that he can't give her more. However, he offers to let her work as a waitress at the diner, but she declines the job. Later, Kurt drives her out to his cabin so that she can stay in the room underneath it. She thinks that he's very kind.

Kurt informs Chloe, the green-haired girl, that she can stay in the room as long as she likes, with meals included. Chloe is very grateful and asks what he wants from her. He humbly asks that she just pay it forward.

It is not long before Chloe realizes that she has been locked inside the room. She bangs on the door and yells, "Sir!" She hears footsteps above and sees the camera, along with the words "You’re already dead." Chloe stares at the camera and starts takes her top off as Kurt watches. She assumed that he wanted her to be a sex toy and told him to come take her. Over a loudspeaker, he is uncomfortable and demands, "Stop it. This is not what this is about," and slams his laptop closed. Chloe pulls out a mirror shard from under her pillow after the camera shuts off.

Kurt descends to the cellar, opens the door, and tells Chloe that she’s free to go. Chloe, suspicious, says, "Make me." When Kurt enters, she quickly slices his cheek with the mirror shard. He drags her outside and orders her to run, but she hesitates. Suddenly, Chloe runs towards him and he shoots, hitting her eye. Extremely upset, Kurt screams, "You ruined everything," and shoots her again.

Dexter secretly follows Kurt as he drives Molly Park to his cabin, noting that it's off the grid. He watches from a distance as Kurt opens the cellar door for her, thinking that it'd be almost poetic if Molly disappeared.

Once Molly and Kurt enter the passageway, Kurt closes the cellar door. This creeps Molly out and she reaches for her pepper spray. Kurt knocks on the room's door and calls out Matt's name several times, but no one answers. Molly also calls his name but still no response.

They’re startled when Dexter (as Jim Lindsay) loudly opens the cellar door and asks if everything is okay down there. He explains his presence by pretending to be just driving by and seeing prowlers on the property. Kurt tries to hurry Molly outside, but she resists and tells Dexter that Matt is hiding out in a room. Dexter, acting enthused, says that he'd love to say hi to him. He pushes past Kurt, opens the door to the room, and flips on the light. Dexter praises the setup, while silently noticing the camera and how the door locks from the outside. He wonders if Kurt is the killer that Angela is looking for. Dexter remarks that Harrison would love the place and asks how long it took to put it in. Kurt claims to not remember. Then Dexter makes a beeline for the bathroom, remarking on the hot tub.

Kurt, anxious for them to leave, thanks Dexter for looking out and says he will return the favor sometime. Dexter offers to give Molly a ride back to town and she readily accepts. With Kurt still inside the room, Dexter asks if he should close the door but Kurt quickly stops him. After Dexter and Molly have left, Kurt angrily punches a hole in the wall.

Dexter tells Angela what happened at Kurt's cabin with Molly Park, and they drive out there together. Angela shoots off the lock on the exterior cellar door and they enter, smelling bleach. To their dismay, the room has been completely stripped, with no camera or furniture remaining. Even the bathroom fixtures have been smashed. Angela decides to search dumpsters in a 100-mile radius.

Kurt drives Harrison out to his remote cabin, explaining that's where he keeps his venison. Kurt shares whiskey with underage Harrison, who says it tastes like a "band-aid." Acting fatherly, Kurt advises the teen to stop punishing himself.

At the Roaring Forks Summer Camp, Dexter has just killed Elric Kane. He uses the dead man's phone to urgently text Harrison not to trust Kurt. Harrison just reads the message, then goes outside to get some firewood. Kurt steps onto the porch and Harrison assures him that he wants to stay for the venison.

During their meal, Kurt and Harrison talk, laugh, and clink glasses. When Harrison asks Kurt about his arrest, Kurt lies that his father murdered Iris Broussard and there was a DNA mix up. Harrison opens up about his unsatisfactory relationship with his father and Kurt tells him that if he were his son, he would never have walked out on him.

At one point, Kurt leaves the table to "take care of something." After a few minutes, Kurt enters the room with a rifle, wearing a white ski mask and a camouflage coat. Harrison's amusement turns to fear when Kurt sternly orders him to get up and get out. Harrison asks what he did wrong and begs Kurt not to hurt him. He's terrified when Kurt points the rifle at him and tells him to run.

In the distance, Elric's vehicle appears and Kurt, thinking that Elric has Jim Lindsay (Dexter) with him, yells to hurry up so that Jim can watch him shoot Harrison. He then realizes that Jim is the one driving and mutters, "Oh shit." Kurt shoots at Dexter, who just drives over him, crushing the rifle. Dexter and Harrison run to each other and hug as Kurt escapes into the night.


  • This is Serial Killer 101. Lure potential victim out to the sticks. Make sure they don’t tell anyone where they went. - Dexter, voiceover ("Too Many Tuna Sandwiches")
  • "Holy shit, it's been totally stripped. There was a door here, locked from the outside. There was a camera up there in that corner. There was a bed. It was like a fully equipped motel room or something." - Dexter to Angela ("Skin of Her Teeth")
  • "I have a cabin out this way. I do all my hunting out here. It's where I keep my venison. It's nice, you know, to have a place you can go to get away, be yourself." - Kurt to Harrison, while driving him to the cabin

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