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Kurt's lodge

Kurt Caldwell's Lodge is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's Kurt Caldwell's main residence. Additionally, he has a secret cabin in a remote area.


On the outskirts of Iron Lake, N.Y.


Despite Dexter's reluctance, his boss insists that he deliver Matt Caldwell's newly bought rifle to Kurt's lodge. When Dexter arrives, he finds a group of partiers, but no Matt. Bill Harris, a friend and co-worker of Matt, greets Dexter and takes him upstairs where Matt is having sex in a bedroom. Dexter needs a signature so Bill tells "Jim" to wait.

Bill snorts a line of coke on the bathroom counter and complains to Dexter that Matt and his friends call him "dickface" due to a scar. He explains that he got it in a boating accident in Ohio, in which Matt deliberately rammed another boat, causing the death of five people. Bill reveals that he took the blame at the trial for $2,000 a week and a Rolex watch. He suddenly realizes that he told Dexter too much and asks him to keep it to himself. Teenage Becka, who had actually come to the party with Bill, exits the bedroom. She's shocked to see "Mr. Lindsay" there and begs him not to tell her dad. "Jim" says he won't if she leaves right away. She nods and runs down the stairs.

Matt offers Dexter a joint but he refuses and hands over the paperwork for his signature. Dexter notices a scar on Matt's leg, but doesn't mention it. After Matt signs the paperwork, he kisses the rifle in glee. As a prank, Matt points it at Dexter and Dexter imagines slamming Matt's face with it. "Jim" thanks Matt for shopping at Fred's Fish & Game.

It's late and Kurt is at home, drinking, when Angela calls to notify him that it's Matt's blood at the deer crime scene. Kurt is furious that his son will be thought of as a criminal, but she reminds him that Matt shot the buck on sovereign Seneca territory. Angela suggests that someone shot Matt because he shot the deer. Kurt accuses her of not carrying out a proper investigation and she assures him that she will have sixty volunteers there at the crack of dawn. His interest is piqued when she mentions that they are going to search the Clarke Caves. He orders her to call him when she has an actual lead and hangs up.

Dexter and Harrison discover Kurt's underground bunker which stores thirty preserved women in trophy cases. They agree to kill Kurt and head to his lodge to capture him. While Kurt is preparing to leave town, Harrison distracts Kurt and Dexter sedates him. They take him back to the bunker where he's wrapped in plastic on a table and placed next to his victims.

Teddy Reed calls the station from Kurt's lodge to report that he found the front door unlocked, safe empty, closets cleaned out, and Kurt's gas truck emptied out. Angela asks Teddy to stay there overnight.

During interrogation, Dexter directs Angela to Kurt's secret cabin and tells her how to find the bunker where she will see "what real evil looks like." Beset by curiosity, Angel goes by herself without any explanation to Sergeant Logan. When she discovers the dead women, she calls Logan but he doesn't answer. She then calls Teddy, who is sitting in his car outside Kurt's lodge. She instructs him to call the state troopers, the FBI, and all of the backup he can get. She asks Teddy if he's heard from Logan in the past hour and he says no. Angela rushes back to the station where she finds Logan, dead on the floor, and Dexter gone.


  • "You’re looking at the guy where secrets go to die." - Dexter to Bill Harris
  • "Life is short, dude." - Matt Caldwell to Dexter

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