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Kid 2 is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

She's a bored classmate of Cody Bennett who questions Dexter Morgan on Dad's Day.


As Dexter is making pancakes for breakfast, Cody asks if he will come to his school tomorrow for Dad’s Day. Dexter glances at Rita and then agrees to go. Cody, happy and relieved, hugs Dexter.

On Dad’s Day, Dexter gives a speech from a podium to Cody's class about blood spatter, but it's not well received by the children. Even Cody appears uncomfortable. Cody's teacher and Rita (who’s a little amused) stand in the back of the room, listening.

Dexter: (to the class) “...and to determine the impact site -- the exact point where force encounters a body -- you have to distinguish the geometric differences between, back spatter, satellite spatter, misting, and arterial spurting.”
Kid 1:  “Gross!”
Cody: [turning to boy] “Shut up.”
Dexter: “You remember how before when Katie's dad was talking about being a surgeon?”
Kid 1: “Yeah.”
Dexter: “And sometimes how he has to cut into bodies and there's blood?”
Kid 1: “But he saves lives.”
Kid 2: “Do you save lives?”
Dexter: [after a pause] “Okay, you know how there’s good guys and there’s bad guys?”
Kid 3: “So you catch bad guys?”
Dexter: “Well, not directly, but I help.”
Kid 1: “Do you have a uniform?”
Dexter: “A... lab coat.”
Kid 2: “A gun?”
Dexter: “No.”
Cody: [proudly] “He's got a badge.”
Dexter: [trying not to smile] “It's a laminate.”
Teacher: [to Dexter] “Well, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule, Mr. Morgan, to come and talk to the children.”
Dexter: [slightly sarcastic] “It was a real learning experience.”

Dexter leaves the podium and walks over to Cody.

Dexter: “Looks like I really got through to them, huh?”
Cody: “It would suck even worse if I didn't have a dad today.”
Dexter: [hugs Cody] “Thanks for inviting me, buddy!”

As Cody begins playing with another child, Dexter thought, If anyone should have father issues — anger, rejection, abandonment — it's Cody. And what's he do? He moves on. How does that happen?

Dexter: [to Rita] “I was so bad you're crying?”
Rita: “No, no. No, it's just -- just something I've always wanted. You being here for the kids, it’s all so wonderfully uncomplicated.”

Miguel Prado unexpectedly calls Dexter and demands to see him right away at Freebo's house.

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