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Olson notices a window ajar

Ken Olson’s House is a location in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the home of Ken Olson, a copycat murderer.


Ken Olson is arrested for attempting to murder John Henry, but it can’t be proved so he is released. Debra is very upset by this so Dexter decides to find the evidence on his own.

After dark, Dexter breaks into Olson’s house through a window. Inside, it’s dark and cluttered. Using a flashlight, Dexter searches through Olson’s desk, finding magazines about firearms and two handguns. As he shines his light around, he finds a wall covered with clippings about the Bay Harbor Butcher. Looks like I have a fan club, membership of one, Dexter thought.

Unexpectedly, Olson arrives home. When he flips a light on, he notices a desk drawer open and a window ajar. Suddenly, Dexter grabs Olson in a rear choke hold and doesn’t let go.

Dexter: Why you so interested in the Butcher?”
Olson: “Who the fuck are you? Holy shit, you're him, aren't you? Stop. Stop. Don't kill me. Don't kill me. I'm like you. I take out criminals.”
Dexter: “You mean you try... pitifully.”
Olson: “No, that was just the last one. He got away. I should have never made it personal.”
Dexter: “You've killed others?”
Olson: “That's what I'm trying to tell you. First was a drug dealer -- I ran him down with my car. It felt -- it felt fucking great, even better than the free stash I got off him. And then this guy at work found out I was fucking his wife. He started to beat on her, so I pushed him down a stairwell. The cops thought it was an accident, but it was me." [chuckles] "See, you can't kill me.”
Dexter: “I wasn't going to... until now.”

He chokes Olson until he passes out and then takes him to the railroad car where he attempted to kill John Henry. Dexter dismembers Olson with a cleaver and leaves his remains to be found by police so that other copycats will be discouraged.

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