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Kelly and Amanda:

Kelly and Amanda: Stoned Sorority Sisters

Kelly and Amanda are characters in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

They are twin sorority girls who give Teegan Campbell’s address to Dexter Morgan.


In his search for Freebo, Dexter looks up the address of his girlfriend, Teegan. Apparently, she is living in a sorority house. When he arrives at the location after dark, Dexter finds a large keg party. After grabbing a beer, Dexter pushes through the crowd and climbs the stairs. At the top, he finds two stoned girls, obviously twins, blocking his way.

Amanda: [flirtatiously] “What's the password?”
Kelly: [giggling] “There's a password?”
Dexter: “I'm just looking for my girl Teegan. Where's her room again?”
Kelly: “Ew, Teegan? Ew, that girl's a ho bag. She's a ho!”
Amanda: “She's such a ho bag.”
Kelly: “She doesn't live here anymore.”
Amanda: “She's hoeing off campus, probably living in her ho pad.”
Dexter: “How about you give me the address of her ho pad so I can go tell her what a ho bag she is?”
Amanda: “You have any party favors?”
Kelly: “Oh, yeah.”
Dexter: “Uh, sorry. I don't have anything on me, but…”
Amanda: [invitingly] “We put out.”
Kelly: “We totally do.”
Dexter: [rebuffing the advances] “All right, that is so totally off the hook. But how about I just trade you for Teegan's address?”
Kelly: “Okay."
Amanda: “Okay.” [She then looks at her phone] “22 Lincoln Log.”
Dexter: “I suspect that's Lincoln Lane?”
Amanda: “Whatever. Let's get high.”
Dexter: “You two wait here. I'll go get my stash.”
Kelly and Amanda: “Okay.”

Dexter quickly leaves the house, thinking, The leaders of tomorrow. Their parents must be proud. How much worse could my child turn out? Do I even wanna know the answer to that question?

Dexter finds Teegan’s place and climbs through a window, only to find a nude Freebo surfing porn on the internet. Dexter sneaks out unseen and returns to his apartment to retrieve his kill tools.

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