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Kara Simmons:

Kara Simmons: Wife of an Undercover Cop; Murder Victim

Kara Simmons is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She was the wife of Ricky Simmons, an undercover police officer.

Season One[]

Kara and Ricky have been married for an unknown number of years. At one point, she began an affair with Sergeant James Doakes which results in her seeking a divorce from Ricky. However, she doesn't bring up the subject while he's working undercover.

After ten months on assignment, Ricky insists on remaining undercover. Unfortunately, the dealers discover that he's a cop and Ricky is murdered by Norberto Cervantes (on orders from Carlos Guerrero). His body is found under a bridge.

After killing Ricky, Cervantes breaks into the Simmons' residence. Kara tries to call her husband for help, but he doesn't answer. While begging for her life, Kara is shot in the back. Dexter finds her phone under her sofa, and it has a recording of her voice and the sound of a gunshot. Kara survives for a short time in the hospital, but dies from massive heart failure.

Doakes and Kara's brother continue to investigate Guerrero. Eventually, due to McNamara using Doakes as bait, Guerrero is arrested for the attempted murder of Doakes.

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