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Juan Pablo:

Juan Pablo: Columbian Soccer Forward

Juan Pablo is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

He’s a Colombian footballer.


At the behest of Isaak Sirko, Hannah McKay is being held captive in an unknown location by Jurg Yeliashkevych. She will not be released until Dexter kills the hitmen, Oleg Mickic and Benjamin Caffrey, to protect Isaak.

Dexter easily kills Oleg first at a shooting range. Afterward, he visits Isaak at his hideout and demands to know that Hannah is still alive. Isaak calls Jurg and tells him to put Hannah on the phone.

While Dexter and Hannah are talking, he secretly takes a picture and sends it before Isaak notices. Before they hang up, Hannah tells Dexter that she misses him and he replies, “Likewise.” This infuriates Isaak who snaps, “You know, if I had the chance to speak to Viktor again, and he told me that he missed me, I think I -- like to think I could come up with something better than ‘likewise.’”

Back in his office, Dexter looks at the photo that he took of Hannah and notices an autographed soccer ball behind her. He zooms in and sees the name “Juan Pablo.” Dexter does a web search and learns that Juan is a Colombian soccer player. The men Isaak killed in that bar were Colombian, Dexter thought. And dead men don't return home. It's the last place these killers would think to look for Isaak. And the perfect place to hold Hannah.

Dexter arrives at the crime scene of another burn victim. Caffrey is there, watching from the crowd. Dexter pulls Debra aside and tells her that Hannah is being held at one of the dead men's homes. She agrees to look into it.

A while later, Debra calls Dexter and says that only one of the Colombians was single. She's going alone to his house to check it out despite his objections. Debra breaks into the house and finds Jurg dead and Hannah unconscious on the floor.


  • Juan Pablo isn't one of the three men killed by Isaak. Not only does his photo not resemble any of them, he resides in Colombia as a renown soccer player. Additionally, Dexter and Debra would know the names of the three men due to the investigation, but they don’t recognize Juan’s name. The man who lived in the house likely had the soccer ball because he was a fan.


  • Juan Pablo was voted Player of the Month in May 2007.
  • The address of the house where the soccer ball was kept is 2080 Coral Road.

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