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Juan's Hot Dogs

Juan’s Hot Dogs is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a hot dog stand somewhere in Miami.


Debra Morgan first meets Rudy Cooper in the hospital after he designs an artificial hand and leg for Tony Tucci, one of The Ice Truck Killer's victims. They engage in conversation and he impresses her with his knowledge, looks, and seeming act of kindness.

Later, Debra and Rudy get to know each other at a corner hot dog stand, while sharing a bottle of wine. She tells Rudy that her mother died of cancer when she was sixteen, and her father spent most of his time with Dexter (of which she was jealous). She joined the police force hoping her father would give her more attention.

When Debra asks Rudy how he became interested in prosthetics, he claims that his mother lost both her legs in a car accident when he was young. At the time, he wished he could put her back together, like Humpty- Dumpty, but the pieces weren’t around. Debra sympathizes, and they end up kissing.


  • In "Gene Marshall (Early Cuts)," it’s Debra’s sixteenth birthday. Dexter mentions that Debra is the only family he has left, so it is implied that Harry had died by that point. At that age, she wouldn’t be working as a police officer.