John the Revelator

John the Revelator (also known as John of Patmos) is a character in religious History that is referenced in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

John is the attributed author of the Book of Revelation and was the owner of an ancient sword known as the Sword of John the Revelator.


Professor James Gellar was a teacher at the University of Tallahassee who taught in religious studies. He had a fascination with the End of Days predicted by the Book of Revelation. In studying an Early A.D. Cult known as the Enesserrette, he learned that they believed to have discovered a Code that could be used in bringing about the End of the World. Gellar felt that he had deciphered the code and recorded various notes on the requirements. Gellar performed an experiment with The Lamb using a lamb and his teacher's assistant, Carissa Porter, which led to him getting in trouble with the university.

One of Gellar's students, Travis Marshall, became obsessed with Gellar's notes and eventually stole the Sword of John to prove that he and Gellar were the Two Witnesses. Unfortunately, Gellar died when Travis stabbed him to prove that he couldn't be killed. Thereafter, Travis carried on alone, using the Book of Revelation as a reference, to bring about the end of the world by enacting the signs depicted within. His tableus which involved grisly human sacrifices led Travis to be dubbed The Doomsday Killer.

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