Jim McCourt
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Raphael Sbarge
Season Five
First Appearance
Practically Perfect
Last Appearance
First Blood
Appears in
Three Episodes
Full Name
Jim McCourt


Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Internal Affairs Investigator
Miami Metro Police Department

Jim McCourt is a character in Showtime's series DEXTER.

He is an Internal Affairs investigator that originally appeared to work on a case between Sergeant Angel Batista and Sergeant Lopez.


McCourt was about six feet tall and had short reddish hair. Batista, thinking that Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta was having an affair with him, asked Debra Morgan if she found him to be attractive. Debra responded that she would rather put out a campfire with her face than date him. He regularly wore a suit and tie.


McCourt seemed to be a By-The-Books kind of officer, as when he was working on Batista's bar fight case, he refused to accept that Sergeant Lopez had agreed to drop the charges. He was also rather manipulative, by having Maria LaGuerta to help him with a sting involving Detective Stan Liddy before he would drop charges against her husband.


After a bar fight between Angel Batista and Sergeant Lopez of the Sheriffs department, McCourt appeared in the Homicide office to inform Maria LaGuerta that Lopez had collapsed on duty and was taken to the hospital. Because of his condition, Lopez decided to press charges. McCourt also informed Lt. LaGuerta that Batista may end up losing his job for Assault and Battery against a fellow officer, and may have to serve time in prison. This upset LaGuerta immensely. He then asked Laguerta if it was true that she gave the best blow jobs in Miami, as said by Lopez on the night of the fight, and asked her if it should be in the police report.

Batista visited Lopez in the hospital and persuaded him to drop the charges, but McCourt was unwilling to close the case that easily. He then talked to LaGuerta and promised to drop the case only if she would help him nail a dirty Narcotics cop named Detective Stan Liddy. She agreed and McCourt and LaGuerta began to meet in coordination with the sting. Batista, however, was unaware of the sting and assumed they were having an affair. He tracked them to a motel and broke into their room. They explained the situation to Batista and berated him for almost ruining an operation.

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