Jenna Lincoln
Jenna Lincoln
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Early Cuts
First Appearance
Dexter Early Cuts - Dark Echo, Chapter Three
Last Appearance
Dexter Early Cuts - Dark Echo, Chapter Four (Corpse)
Full Name
Jenna Lincoln

Manner of Death
Killed by Peter Thornton
20 (would have turned 21
the day after she died)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Unnamed sister (deceased)
Professional Status
College Student
Killer Profile
"No Known Moniker"
Number of Victims
One (directly)
Two (indirectly)
Modus Operandi
Her boyfriend and an unknown poison
Killing Method
(Parents) Convinces her boyfriend to kill them
(Sister) Poisons her and makes it look like a drowning
Method of Disposal
Jenna seeks her parents money and is willing to have her entire family killed in order to get it
Jenna Lincoln is a character in Dexter Early Cuts.

She was meant to be one of Dexter Morgan's earlier victims, however; Peter Thornton copied Dexter's style and killed her instead.


Jenna is an attractive woman in her 20s, with long brown hair and a perfect figure.


She is an impressionable woman who seems to be utterly selfish, greedy and compassionless, forcing first her boyfriend to kill both of her parents...then she herself causes the death of her only sister, in order to inherit her parent's estate (which would presumably have gone to her older sister if Jenna hadn't killed her). She keeps a daily routine about herself, despite being a golddigger...and would most likely continue her ways to use men for more money later on (somewhat like Cindy Landon, a black widow).


Jenna is a character exclusive to Dexter Early Cuts as apart of the Dark Echo episodes.

Early Cuts

When Jenna was younger, her parents were murdered by a late-night intruder who was later revealed to be her boyfriend. The boyfriend confessed that she put him up to it. Officer Harry Morgan believed him, but the jury didn't. Less than a year later her older sister drowned to death in a pool, leaving Jenna the sole heir to the estate. Dexter realizes that she is indeed responsible for the deaths of her parents and also the death of her older sister, and decides to kill her.

He watches her for a while, learns her routine, then goes to make a move, only to realize that she was already taken by someone else, with a note telling him to go to 973 145th St. Apt 5th. Dexter decides to go along with it, being stuck in the opposite building while Jenna is actually being killed. Peter Thornton shows him what he's learned and stabs Jenna directly in the heart. Dexter has to later cleanup her body (leaving it ready to be used against Peter, but most likely disposes of it later on).

Dexter confronts Peter, knowing that him killing Jenna was not against the code, but Peter doesn't listen, deciding to kill an innocent security guard afterwards. Dexter is forced to end Peter's life later on.


  • Unnamed parents (told her boyfriend to kill them)
  • Unnamed sister
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