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Jasper Hodge

Jasper Hodge Fentanyl Pill Producer

Jasper Hodge is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

He is a drug dealer who makes the pills himself.


Jasper deals drugs to Miles O'Flynn, who is another drug dealer who distributes them. However, many of the drugs contain fatal amounts in a single dosage due to Jasper's carelessness or lack of knowledge. When Dexter finds out that Miles bought the pills from Jasper that caused Harrison to almost die, he goes to Jasper's house and breaks in. Dexter injects him with a syringe of ketamine to knock him out.

Jasper wakes up and Dexter shows him photos of people who have died from the drugs he gave them. Dexter is about to stab him when he hears a car pull up. It's Sergeant Logan. He still kills Jasper, just not in the way he wanted.

Later on, when the police raid Jasper’s house, they find him sitting in his chair, dead from a drug overdose (forced by Dexter).

After Miles O'Flynn shows Angela the needle mark on his neck inflicted by Jim (Dexter), she visits the morgue to view Jasper's body. The coroner informs her that Jasper died from a fentanyl overdose, which doesn’t point to murder since he was the one making the pills. He adds that Jasper also had Ketamine in his system, which he likely took to "mellow out." Angela asks, "So, there's nothing to suggest that Jasper's death was anything other than an accidental overdose?" The coroner replies, "Well, not unless someone put a gun to his head and made him snort a line." Angela takes a picture of a puncture mark on Jasper's neck.

Jasper's body appears in a picture on Angela's computer as she compares the needle mark on his neck to those on the bodies of the Bay Harbor Butcher 18.

Known victims

  • 18 people (indirectly killed via tainted fentanyl pills)


  • Hell, I should kill this guy just because of the wallpaper. - Dexter narrating, inside Jasper's house
  • He likes to play games. But I’m not here to play. - Dexter narrating


  • Fentanyl pills are often called "blues" because of their blue color.
  • Though Jasper fit the Code due to the deaths caused by the drugs he produced, Dexter primarily killed him due to Harrison overdosing on the pills.
  • As per Marcos Siega, Dexter set up the kill room in Jasper's attic.
  • Angela linked Jasper's death to the Bay Harbor Butcher's methods due to comparing the wheal mark to the marks found on the Bay Harbor Butcher 18. Coincidentally, Jasper was responsible for 18 overdoses indirectly.
  • RETCON - Wheal marks found on Bay Harbor Butcher victims is a retcon since none were discovered in the original series, nor was it even known then that tranquilizers were used. To hide evidence, Dexter "melted" the bodies by turning off the field morgue's cooling unit before examinations were completed.

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