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Janice Dubois is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She is one of Wayne Randall’s murder victims.


Lt. Debra Morgan gives a briefing about Det. Mike Anderson’s murder. Among those present are Dexter Morgan, Vince Masuka, Angel Batista, Joey Quinn, Angie Miller, Michael Soderquist, Israel Yale, and Jake Simms. She then moves on to Wayne Randall, an incarcerated spree killer.

Debra: “This pretty face belongs to Wayne Randall. 15 years ago, Randall and his teenage girlfriend went on a three-state killing spree that ended here in Miami. He's currently serving two consecutive life terms at Dade. Randall now claims to have evidence on three other murders that he committed in the Miami area, and he wants to come clean. He wants to lead investigators to where he buried the bodies.”
Quinn: “Hmm. That's nice of him.”
Debra: “He says he wants to clear his conscience. I think his lawyers are just trying to swing a deal.”
Batista: “What's he telling us?”
Debra: “He told us about one victim, a brunette in her mid-20s that matches a missing persons report from that time, a Janice Dubois.”
Quinn: “So then there's a chance he's not completely full of shit.”
Debra: “County has requested one detective and one lab tech to help them process the scene.”
Debra: “Miller...”
Miller: “Yeah.”
Debra: “You're volunteer number one.”
Dexter: (raising his hand) “I'll go.”
Debra: “No. I want Masuka on this.”
Masuka: “Aw. I don't to work a dumpsite. Come on lieutenant, I'm up to my ears on Mike's case.”
Debra: “I'm sorry. You're with Miller.”
Debra: “Contact info will be in your boxes. You'll start tomorrow. That's it. Thank you.”

(Debra didn't let Dexter go because because she had just learned that he's the Bay Harbor Butcher and didn't want to let him out of her sight.)

Dexter, while stalking Isaak Sirko, receives a call from Angel Batista. He orders Dexter back to the station because Hannah McKay is going to talk them through her road trip with Wayne Randall and help find the rest of the bodies. Dexter reluctantly complies.

Dexter and Batista sit with Hannah at a table upon which trophies are placed. Batista details the killing spree while Hannah connects the trophies to specific victims. The spree ended in Miami when Wayne and Hannah were picked up. Batista says that’s the story they don’t know, and they’d like to find bodies.

Hannah: “Uh, we got to Miami, and we were the only thing on the news. We were desperate -- no money, cops everywhere. Wayne decided that we would hide out in the motels until we could make it to that cruise ship. He killed people so we could take their rooms. We buried the bodies close to the motels.”
Batista: “Where were the motels?”
Hannah: “One was by a Frosty Swirl -- uh, Wayne's favorite.”
Dexter: (pointing to a necklace) “That's where Miss Dubois was found.”

They then discuss the trophies from Linda Johnson and her husband.

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