Janet Walker 3

Janet Walker: Schoolmate; Abused Wife; Murder Victim

Janet Walker
Janet Walker 55
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Alex Rose Wiesel
Season Six
First Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Last Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Appears in
One Episode
Full Name
Janet Walker (ne' McKellen)

Manner of Death
Killed by Joe Walker
Shot; framed for suicide
34 (at death)
Dark brown
Personal Status
Marital Status
Joe Walker (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Joe Walker (husband; deceased)
Virginia, United States

Janet Walker is a character in Season Six of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

She attended the same high school as Dexter Morgan. Seventeen years after graduation, Janet was found dead, framed for suicide.


Only briefly seen in flashbacks and photos, Janet was a beautiful, young woman with long, dark hair and a bright smile.


Dexter mused that he didn't have friends in school, but Janet was always nice to him.

In a flashback, Janet’s arms show bruising, and she appears fearful of her boyfriend - Joe Walker.


Janet Walker was born Janet McKellen. She attended Dexter’s school, Alan B. Shepard High, along with her boyfriend, Joe, captain of the football team.

Immediately after high school, Janet and Joe married and moved to Virginia. He earned a living with his sporting goods stores. Three years before Dexter's 20th high school reunion, she was found dead with a gun in her hand, an apparent suicide.


Dexter reads in the reunion newsletter about Janet’s suicide. Out of curiosity, he examines the crime scene photos, and notices blood under her fingernails, likely from a struggle. Dexter suspects that she was murdered by her husband. He heads to the reunion, intending to gather a blood sample from Joe.

When Dexter arrives at the reunion, he runs into unexpected difficulties. First, he is distracted by various former classmates who show an apt interest in his improved looks and career as a blood spatter analyst. Then he attempts to a collect blood from Joe by using a sharpened ring and shaking his hand. However, Joe causes Dexter to prick his own hand. Dexter uses the opportunity to learn how Joe feels about Janet. He reveals little sympathy for her passing, but mentions his attraction to Trisha Billings.

Dexter signs up for a flag football game for another opportunity to collect a blood sample from Joe. When his blood lancet is stepped on and broken, he comes up with another plan. He elbows Joe in the face and wipes his nose with a towel, successfully gathering the blood. Dexter analyzes the blood and Joe is proven to be Janet’s killer.

Dexter returns to the reunion again, and lures him into the groundskeeper’s shack with a fake text from Trisha. While Joe is on Dexter’s kill table, he admits to killing Janet because their marriage was on the rocks, and he thought a divorce was too expensive. After Joe's ramblings about God forgiving him, Dexter ends Joe’s life with a sledgehammer to the head, as well as a knife to his chest.

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