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Jamie Jaworski:

Jamie Jaworski: Dexter's "Favorite" Sadistic Valet

Jamie Jaworski was a character in the Showtime series DEXTER

He was a parking valet with a taste for sexual sadism.

Season One

Jaworski worked as a parking valet, and used his job to find his murder victim, Jane Saunders. He kidnapped her and killed her a snuff film. During his trial, Jaworski escaped justice due to a faulty search warrant.

While stalking him, Dexter noticed a distinct tattoo on Jaworski's right forearm. To confirm that he was a killer, Dexter broke into Jaworski's house, where he was almost attacked by an unnamed dog. As Dexter searched the house, he discovered that Jaworski had recorded the rape and murder of Jane and posted it to his own S&M website named "Scream Bitch Scream." The tattoo matched the one visible in the snuff film, proving Jaworski's guilt.

On the night of his death, Jamie was trespassing on a construction site to steal copper piping. Dexter managed to surprise him with a photo of Jane and inject him with M99. Jaworski was restrained to a stack of sheet rock, where Dexter cut off his head with a cleaver. Jaworski admitted his crime, but showed no remorse.

His last words were, "Okay. I did her! In a movie - snuff film. But I'm not sorry!" to which Dexter replied, "Of course not. No, I'm not sorry, either."


The Game

Jaworski also appears in Dexter: The Game, where he's identical to the series but he can be spared if the player wants to increase his "Mask" counter.


  • Jaworski is the first victim on screen in the series where the process for the Code of Harry is demonstrated. Although Mike Donovan dies earlier in the episode, Dexter investigates, obtains proof, chooses the location, as well as sets up the Kill Room for Jamie, followed by the cleanup process. His body is not shown being disposed of in the Underwater Graveyard, however.


The Kill