James Doakes' Apartment

James Doakes' Apartment

James Doakes’ Apartment is a location in Season One of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

It is in a beige and white two-story apartment building in Miami, FL.


1422 (unknown street)

Miami, FL


Arriving home, James Doakes pulls his car into the driveway. Before he enters his apartment, he spots two of Carlos Guerrero’s guys sitting in a parked car. Doakes is furious; when he approaches them, they drive off.

On another night, he again pulls into his driveway, and looks up and down the street, but doesn't see anyone. Suddenly from behind, Guerrero’s two men jump him, pull a mask over his face, and throw him into the trunk of their car. They take Doakes to a parking garage, where Carlos Guerrero is waiting.

Guerrero repeatedly kicks Doakes while he is on the ground. Just as Guerrero is about to shoot Doakes, Detective McNamara and two other cops show up and stop him. They arrest Guerrero for going after a cop. Doakes realizes that his fellow cops used him as a bait in an ambush for Carlos Guerrero.

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