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Sgt. James Doakes The Archenemy

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Sergeant James Doakes (or simply Doakes) is a main character in the Showtime series DEXTER.

Doakes was a strong-willed sergeant within Miami Metro Homicide. He acted as both a detective and a supervisor at any given crime scene. He often partnered with Sergeant Angel Batista and Officer Debra Morgan, while dealing with forensics on scene, namely Dexter Morgan and Vince Masuka. His direct supervisor (and close friend) was Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta, with whom he had previously been partners for over two years.


Doakes was an African-American who kept his head shaved and had a mustache. He stood roughly at 5 foot, 8 inches, weighed about 200 pounds, and has a defined, muscular build.

His attire usually consisted of corporate casual clothing, such as dress pants and polo T-Shirts, which he kept tucked in. When the occasion called for it, he'd don a full suit or a fine dress jacket in attending events. Doakes often wore gun straps over his shirt. A couple of times, he wore a black sleeveless undershirt and a red open shirt over top. Almost all of his dress pants were dark in color, usually gray to pure black. Occasionally, he wore khakis.


"Surprise, motherfucker!" -James Doakes' catchphrase ("Born Free")

Sergeant Doakes' keen instinct could pinpoint trouble and see the dark side of people. He was the only one in Season One and Season Two who believed that Dexter Morgan had a dangerous side. He even told Dexter that he gave him the "creeps." He often stared suspiciously at Dexter. At one point, Doakes began to tail Dexter, feeling that he was connected to the The Ice Truck Killer. When he followed Dexter to the Shipping Yard, Doakes confronted him directly, which resulted in a brief fight.

Doakes seldom smiled, although he did lighten up around his former partner (and former lover), Maria LaGuerta. He also grew to consider Debra as a friend.

With others, he often displayed his quick-temper and strong vocabulary. Doakes rarely interacted with coworkers beyond a tolerable association. He treated Dexter like a criminal, was dismissive of Masuka's humor, and gave orders with the intent of pursuing justice with no derailment. He did his best to maintain a hard exterior that nobody could penetrate.

Season Two saw Doakes obsessing over Dexter. Ultimately, this led Doakes to land in hot water at work. He even became the prime suspect as The Bay Harbor Butcher when Dexter's blood slides were found in his car by the FBI.


James Doakes was born 10 March 1962 to Mr. and Mrs. Doakes. Much of Doakes' earlier life is unknown, although he may have had a rough childhood as his father was an abusive man working as a butcher (this would later on fuel his status as a prime suspect for the Bay Harbor Butcher).

Prior to joining Miami Metro, Doakes was employed as an Operative in the United States Army Rangers. The 75th Ranger Regiment is a Special Operations unit in the United States Army that handles sensitive assignments. Doakes was part of a Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment that conducted deep recon missions.

Doakes was married to a woman he later divorced. He confessed to Curtis Barnes that if he hadn't left her, he might have ended up killing her.

Season One[]

Dexter Morgan is spinning around in his chair, surrounded by blood spatter photos, when Sergeant James Doakes announces himself to get Dexter's attention by rudely asking, "Where the hell you been?” Doakes tosses photos of the Cokehead Murders upon Dexter's desk that show a bloodied couple carved up by a blade. Dexter looks them over and concludes that this "hallmark-looking couple" didn't die at the hands of a professional. He compares the messy blood spatter on the walls to a finger painting. Doakes, not amused, tells Dexter that he gives him the "fucking creeps." Dexter acknowledges this and apologizes with a smile. When Doakes responds with "Fuck you," Dexter is slightly puzzled, and merely says, “Okay.”

Frustrated, Doakes demands Dexter's analysis on the blood spatter, asking if Dexter thinks he's there to invite him to his nephew's bris. Dexter sarcastically tells Doakes that he didn't know he was Jewish. Doakes orders him to shut the fuck up, grab a crayon, and write his report. Doakes relates what happened to the drug dealer and girl: "Rival dealer came in. Two scumbags slashed to hell. Dealer stole the drugs. Wham-bam, done. And I don't give a shit what you say, 'cause that's what happened and that's who I'm looking for." He then demands eye-contact from Dexter, while commenting, "We are looking for a motherfucking thief dealer, you got it?" Dexter says, “Okay. Sure...I guess."

Dexter confirms he'll do a sweep of the crime scene, with Doakes responding in his typical vulgar way. Dexter sits at his desk for a moment watching Doakes as he walks away and then turn to glare at him suspiciously. Dexter questions (in his mind) why, in a building full of cops, Doakes is the only one that gets the creeps from him?

After Dexter surveys the Cokehead murder scene, he determines that the target was the woman and the killer was an ex-boyfriend, not a drug dealer. Back at the station, he heads to the briefing room. As he stands outside the room, he notices the widow of Mike Donovan grieving over his disappearance. While assuring himself that he covered all his tracks. Doakes appears behind him, asking if he gets off watching a woman cry, and says, "What's your thing, psycho?"

Dexter explains that he's going to attend the briefing. Doakes says he has no business in there, and spots Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta walking by with Detective Angel Batista. He says, "This fucking guy doesn't belong," and claims to be still waiting on Dexter's spatter report on the Cokehead Murders Case. LaGuerta gives the okay for Dexter to attend because she wants his input, and says she'll go over the case with them after the briefing. Doakes, disgruntled, follows the rest inside. (Note: this is one of the few times that Doakes wears a business suit. Also, this briefing room is only used in this episode outside of promotions to higher ranks and commendations).

Doakes sits in on the briefing, not providing any input. Debra Morgan nervously delivers her idea about a refrigerated truck involving this investigation. He glances up at her when LaGuerta makes a sarcastic remark on the trucks "as in ice cream trucks."

After the meeting, LaGuerta signals for Dexter to head into her office to meet about the investigation. Doakes continues to push his own theory on it involving drugs, while Dexter presents evidence that it was a crime of passion. He explains that the drug dealer was killed quickly to be gotten out of the way, while the killer took his time slashing up the woman, indicating there was a personal relationship between the two. Doakes is dismissive of Dexter's idea but LaGuerta believes him, which dumbfounds Doakes. She tells Doakes to follow up on it and this pisses him off (though he holds his temper due to being in her presence). As Dexter examines the pictures, Doakes stands up and tells him, "I'm watching you motherfucker," before walking out. LaGuerta looks over at Dexter and smiles.

Doakes later appears at the scene where Dexter was tracking the The Ice Truck Killer in his Refrigerated Truck, and a human head was tossed on his windshield. While Doakes is talking to Debra, she looks over at her brother and Doakes does the same. Dexter simply smiles and gives a thumbs up. LaGuerta tells Dexter that Doakes arrested the killer in the Cokehead murders, and he was right about it being the boyfriend. She says Doakes, of course, still hates him.

At an unknown point, Doakes began seeing a married woman named Kara Simmons whose husband Ricky Simmons was an undercover cop working for the Miami Metro Police Department. This love affair was sparked by Ricky's insistence to stay within a drug ring run by Carlos Guerrero, someone the police have been trying to take down, but could never obtain enough evidence to use against him. Unfortunately for Kara, her husband was not careful enough in covering his secret.

One of Guerrero's men throws Ricky from the top of the MacArthur Causeway, and he dies upon hitting the ground. It was made to appear like a suicide but Ricky struggled before being thrown off, and bite a piece of human skin from his attacker. His body is subject to a crime investigation overseen by Detective Angel Batista and Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta. Dexter Morgan arrives to give his input, saying that, based on the blood spatter, Ricky fell from at least a 60-foot drop (which was too short for the Eastbound Crossway, which was only forty feet). He soon discovers a piece of human flesh in the victim's mouth, resulting from a "death rattle" that sprays blood on Dexter's face.

Doakes storms into the main offices of Miami Metro Homicide, even ignoring Angel Batista as he offers him some case files. LaGuerta walks in with an ID on the victim, stating that it was Ricky Simmons and tells everyone that he was a cop. This puts the mood of the rest of the department in shambles, something Dexter takes note of as Doakes can be seen reacting in his own way (mostly in frustrated anger).

He goes with LaGuerta to make a "next of kin" notification to Ricky's wife, something that LaGuerta finds odd. She asks him why he decided to go considering back in their days as partners, he would make every excuse to get out of one. He states that he knew Ricky from the station's softball team and that he was a good cop, however, his real reason is revealed shortly. As they approach the door, there is no answer and Doakes looks in through the blinds, which results in him stating, "Motherfuck!" The two bash open the door, guns in hand, as they survey the place with Doakes telling LaGuerta to call it in.

They find Kara Simmons lying on the floor, covered in blood, unable to move. Doakes moves in close, as LaGuerta investigates the house...calmly whispering to her, "It's James," hinting at their personal relationship. He tries to comfort her, but is hesitant to pick her up due to her wounds. Later, Batista can be seen standing over the crime scene (after Kara has been moved to a hospital) saying that it's fucked up. Captain Thomas Matthews arrives and confirms, after a phone call, that Ricky was undercover in Carlos Guerrero's family for about ten months and everything was going fine. He said that by attacking Ricky's wife, Guerrero's crossed a line and pissed off the entire police department. Doakes asks LaGuerta if there's any word on the wife, and she says she should be in surgery.

LaGuerta asks Doakes why he's working so hard on Kara's case. He's about to leave to go the hospital, when she informs him that Kara has died. He sits, downcast. LaGuerta quizzes him about Kara having an affair and he admits that it was with him. They raise their voices to each other, until Doakes says Kara was going to ask Ricky for a divorce as soon as he came out from uncover. LaGuerta almost takes Doakes off the case but backs off, realizing how strongly he wants justice.

Doakes attends the funeral for Ricky and Kara Simmons and promises her brother to go after Carlos Guerrero. Soon after, Doakes shows up invited at Rose Guerrero's confirmation party, where he loudly announces that her father murdered a cop and an innocent lady. This infuriates Carlos and he orders his men follow to Doakes everywhere in order to intimidate him.

Detective McNamara, Kara's brother, invites Doakes go out drinking with him and two other detectives. However, they drive to Coral Gables, where one of Carlos Guerrero's top lieutenants lives, whom they plan to beat up. They arrive, put on clown masks (except for Doakes), and head towards the house. Doakes tries to stop them, since Carlos will think he's behind it. McNamara just laughs and say that's part of the plan. Doakes takes off running down the street.

The next day, when Doakes leaves work, he sees one of Carlo's men standing across the street, holding up a clown mask.

Doakes and Angel arrive at Petrie Beach where Tony Tucci's dismembered hand has been found. Doakes notices two of Carlos Guerrero's men nearby watching him. Debra approaches Doakes, mocking LaGuerta for ordering a manhunt for the wrong man. He sternly tells her to interview witnesses. Later, Tucci's dismembered foot is found at an Office Park. As Dexter is looking down at it, Doakes tells him that no one's paying him to stand and stare. Doakes takes note that Carlos Guerrero’s men are still following him. Doakes questions Dexter about the foot but, receiving no answers, asks, "What fucking good are you?"

As Doakes is getting coffee at work, McNamara asks if has fucked anybody's wife lately. Doakes tells him that thanks to his chickenshit stunt, Guerrero's guys are tailing him everywhere, but McNamara doesn't care. They have a tense conversation in which Doakes mentions that his sister had filed for divorce which can verified with the captain. He accuses McNamara of backing the wrong cop.

After Tucci is believed to be alive, Doakes leads the task force to find him. LaGuerta wants to apologize to Mrs. Tucci for false accusing her son, but Doakes tells her, "Who is that gonna make feel better, you or her? Leave that woman alone with her candles and Kumbaya."

Doakes finds Guerrero's men parked outside his apartment, and he chases them off. However, when Doakes pulls into his driveway on another night, two men jump him, pull a mask over his face, and throw him into the trunk of their car. They take Doakes to a parking garage, where Carlos is waiting. Carlos repeatedly kicks Doakes while he is on the ground. Just as Carlos is about to shoot Doakes, Detective McNamara and two other cops show up and stop him. They arrest Carlos for going after a cop. Doakes realizes that his fellow cops used him as bait to ambush Carlos.

As Dexter stands outside the Angel of Mercy Hospital, he imagines being alone in the world and how freeing it would feel. Doakes walks up and tells him to "stop grinning like a fucking psycho" and get back to work. In the hospital's basement, Masuka is paranoid about catching a rat disease and Doakes yells at him to stop with the rat talk.

Shanda shows up at Debra's desk to ask her to beat up her landlord. Just then Doakes appears and starts chewing out Debra for finding her cigarette butt at the crime scene. Shanda tells Doakes to calm down, which displeases both Doakes and Debra. He orders Debra to check on Tucci in the hospital, but not to talk to him.

Debra and Doakes are at the hospital to interview Tucci. However, they first wait for Rudy Cooper, the prosthetic guy, to leave the room. Tucci proves to be of little help because he was blindfolded the entire time he was held captive. Debra's suggests they blind him, but Tucci is too fearful.

Neil Perry is interviewed at the station by Doakes and Debra after he supposedly saw a man on the grounds of the hospital. Doakes obtains no revelant information, though, and concludes the interview. Afterward, Debra criticizes Doakes for not being more optimistic, and he chastises her for wasting time with Perry and wanting to blindfold Tucci, a trauma patient.

In the lab, Masuka finds a rat hair and is worried that he picked up a parasite, which exasperates Doakes. He sternly says, “Don’t test me, Masuka!” Doakes is about to leave when Debra stops him. She calls him "old and tired" and says he needs "new eyes" on the case. Masuka can't believe what he is hearing and sits frozen with his mouth open.

Back at the hospital, Doakes tells Debra go to ahead with blindfolding Tucci and lets her use his tie. Tucci reveals a clue when he recalls that his captor sucked on menthol-flavored lozenges. Doakes, Debra, and Masuka return to the hospital where they find a lozenge wrapper with a partial fingerprint on it. This evidence is found two months into The Ice Truck Killer investigation.

Doakes is taking notes at Valerie Castillo's crime scene in the Auto Salvage Yard. When Dexter begins to ask questions about Valerie, Doakes orders him to do his job and worry about the blood. Doakes phone keeps ringing, but he doesn't answer it. When he, LaGuerta, and Debra enter a large garage, they find evidence of refugees being held there. Doakes mocks Debra for being disgusted by the smell and stresses the importance of latrines. He says Valerie’s killer is probably her husband since "it's always the husband." Deb discovers the name “Mariel” and a phone number scratched on the floor.

In the auto yard, a noise is heard inside a car's trunk and the police pull their guns. Doakes shoves Deb out of the way before opening the trunk and finding a very frightened boy. Doakes grabs the boy's arm which further frightens him. LaGuerta reassures the boy in Spanish and helps him out of the car.

The police track down Mariel, a Cuban refugee, and she is brought to the station. Doakes, Angel, and Debra question her about what happened that night. She describes her ordeal, and says an unknown person released her group from the garage. However, Mariel states that no boy was with them.

While Doakes and Debra are investigating the Castillo house, she asks him why he pushed her away at the auto yard. He says he was just looking out for her. Deb doesn’t appreciate it. She brings up that there may be a copycat killer, but Doakes is still leaning toward the husband. Deb, though, does obtain his permission to write up a profile. Doakes again ignores his ringing phone, and Deb want to know who he’s avoiding.

Doakes and Debra make a stop at his mother’s house, the person who has been repeatedly calling him. She wants her son over for dinner, so Doakes has brought Deb along to provide an excuse to leave early. However, Deb actually causes him to stay longer because she spends the evening chatting with his family.

Doakes tells the team that since the boy, Oscar, doesn’t recognize anyone from photos, a sketch artist is being brought in.

Deb reveals her profile of the killer to the team which, to Dexter’s consternation, matches him exactly.

Deb excitedly informs Doakes that she cross referenced her profile with the FBI’s Ice Truck Killer list, and it revealed eleven new hits. Doakes, though, wants to hold off until they get the sketch. His phone rings again. Again, he ignores. it. Deb says to thank his mom for dinner the other night. Dexter rushes over to tell them he’s found new evidence -- Valerie’s blood on her husband’s sock. He goes on to describe the cuts on Valerie’s carotid arteries, which prove the killer was in a hurry and not a copycat. Dexter adds that the husband is a deep sea fisherman, knows how to use knife, and is still missing. Doakes then orders another search of the salvage yard (where Dexter had planted a bloody knife).

At the salvage yard, Doakes, Angel, Masuka, and Debra are looking in amazement at the sketch of the boy’s rescuer. They show it to Dexter, and he’s relieved and amused when it’s the face of Jesus. Doakes says skeptically, “Jesus Christ saved this kid?” Angel thinks it’s possible.

Sgt. Doakes and Det. Pullman arrive at a crime scene where Dexter is demonstrating castoff blood patterns. Doakes accuses Dexter of being crazy, then says that the dead kid was an honor roll student and yearbook editor. Later, Lt. Maria LaGuerta confirms that his parents are "high profile."

Dexter realizes that Jeremy Downs is the murderer due to the similarity of wounds and stalks him to Flamingo Park. Wearing sunglasses and a hoodie, Dexter follows Jeremy, planning to kill him. As they're walking, Jeremy turns and asks Dexter if he "wants company." Dexter orders him to keep walking and keep looking ahead. Suddenly, Jeremy stands still and acts as if something is amiss. Just then, Doakes runs past Dexter, telling him to get the fuck out of his way. Dexter immediately hides behind a tree and watches Doakes and two other cops arrest and handcuff Jeremy. Dexter sighs in relief as none of them seem to have recognized him.

At the station, Doakes walks up to Dexter and states that he’s on to him. He tells Dexter that his instincts are always dead-on when he comes to killers, and wants to why. He warns Dexter that he’s watching him.

When Neil Perry is arrested as The Ice Truck Killer, Doakes congratulates Debra for bringing in the most notorious serial killer in Florida history. She says it sucks that he wasn't a part of it since they paved the way. He replies that it's cool because he arrested his own bad guy. Debra tells Doakes that Tony Tucci is being released from the hospital and a party will be held at the hospital that night. She tries to persuade him to go, however, Doakes is not interested.

Nevertheless, Doakes shows up at the hospital party. He catches Rudy and Debra in a private conversation, and asks, "Bad timing?"

Batista, Dexter, and Doakes are at Vanessa Gayle's apparent suicide scene. Doakes asks Alex Gayle, her husband, if his wife was dealing with any emotional problems. Alex says she had some job stress, but insists his wife didn’t kill herself. He believes it was staged by a criminal in revenge for being sent to prison. Doakes collects Alex’s clothes for evidence. Debra finally arrives at the scene, having been with Rudy, her new boyfriend. Doakes orders her to canvass the neighborhood to find out what she can about the victim’s relationship with her husband. Doakes tells her that, although it looks like suicide, the husband could’ve killed her for money.

Neil Perry reveals to LaGuerta that he is aware if how she became Lieutenant. LaGuerta then asks Doakes if he told anyone about their bust, the one that got her promoted. He denies that he ever did because it would “fuck up her rep” and make him look like a “whiny bitch.” LaGuerta and Doakes decide that the only way to know happened would be to read the police report. Neil apparently hacked into the files, so LaGuerta states that their firewall needs to be checked.

Doakes and Angel are crossing a small bridge, when Doakes spots a man walking along the side carrying a bag of groceries. Doakes yells for Angel to stop the car, jumps out, and calls out to the man. The man recognizes Doakes and begins to run, with Doakes in hot pursuit. When the man nears the low end of the bridge, he jumps off onto the sand below, followed by Doakes.

Angel makes a U-turn, gets out of the car, and runs after them. Suddenly, Angel hears two gunshots and finds the man lying dead under the bridge. Doakes claims shooting him in self defense, after the man fired first. Angel is doubtful.

The dead man is identified as Jacques Bayard, a war criminal from Haiti.

Angel tells Doakes that Internal Affairs is pressing him on the shooting report but he needs to clear something up. He swears hearing Doakes’ 9-millimeter go off before Bayard’s .38. Again, Doakes insists that Bayard shot first. Angel thinks he may be confused because the blood spatter report proves it didn’t go down that way. Doakes takes offense and asks if Angel is accusing him of being a liar, adding, “It may come as a shock to you, Angel. You’re not the only honest cop in Miami.”

Angel is interviewed by Sergeant McKay from IA at the station, but is unable to give clear answers. Later, he meets again with McKay, this time in a car, and reluctantly admits that Doakes fired his gun first.

After LaGuerta checks the background of Bayard, she talks with Doakes. After a few minutes, Doakes details the atrocities committed by death squads called Tonton Macoute that he witnessed while on Special Ops in Haiti. LaGuerta thinks Bayard deserved a lot worse than he got. She tells him not to worry; it will be over soon. As shes walks away, Doakes says to himself, “I know it will.”

Angel is furious when he learns that Internal Affairs dropped Bayard’s case. He meets with LaGuerta to protest that he put everything on the line by telling the truth. LaGuerta explains that IA received a phone call from an agency in Washington. Evidently, the case was a sensitive foreign relations issue. Angel, shocked, states that they “disappeared it.” They speculate that it was Black Ops, CIA. Batista is worried that he ratted out Doakes.

As Angel leaves her office, an officer bumps into him and says, “Squeak. Squeak.” Doakes appears and tells the officer that he just bumped into his superior and orders him to apologize to Angel, which he does. Doakes simply nods at Angel and walks off.

Deb is sitting at her desk, eating cake. She offers a piece to Doakes, saying it’s Kirk Bliloc’s cake. He retorts that he already had some on Kirk’s birthday, ten days ago. When Deb tells him it’s still good and tastes like mocha, he jokes that it started out vanilla.

A clerk opens a box and takes out a jar filled with a red substance. Doakes orders her to put it down and Deb asks if it’s blood. Doakes yells to Dexter to get his ass over there. Dexter looks at it and says it’s definitely blood. As he turns the jar, Dexter notices a key inside for Room 103 of the Marina View Hotel. LaGuerta orders Doakes and Deb over to the hotel.

The hotel manager informs Doakes that the man who checked into Room 103 was “white and normal looking.” Unfortunately, there are no security cameras, anywhere. Doakes tells Deb that the guy likely scouted hotels until he found one with lax security. They open the door to the room with with guns drawn and are shocked by what they see. Doakes immediately calls for backup and forensics.

In the parking lot, Masuka and Dexter are donning hazmat suits. Doakes tells Dexter that it’s his wet dream and to go in alone first to see what they’re dealing with. When Dexter enters the blood-filled room, he has a flashback of a boy in blood, and he falls down. Covered in blood, he rushes out of the hotel, gasping for air. Doakes tells Dexter that something finally got to him and he must be human, after all. Dexter says there are no bodies in the room, just lots of blood. Doakes asks how is it possible to have a mass murder with no bodies, and Dexter retorts, “I don’t fucking know.” Dexter refuses to go back in the room, so Doakes orders him to clean himself up and work from the hallway.

At the station, Dexter shows Doakes, Deb, and LaGuerta an illustration of where the man walked around in the room. According to the blood report, the blood is old and came from at least five different bodies. They realize The Ice Truck Killer had five bloodless victims. Doakes is skeptical because they arrested Neil Perry as ITK. LaGuerta, though, insists that Perry is a fraud. She tells Doakes and Deb to retrace the steps at the hotel.

Doakes and Debra investigate Marina Hotel, Room 103. She discovers that the radio is tuned to 103 FM. To understand the blood, Doakes wants to call Dexter. This annoys Debra and she wonders why everyone’s first move is to call Dexter. Doakes asks, “What’d the freak do this time, boil your goldfish?” Deb explains her mood by having had a fight with Rudy. Doakes finds the room's Bible bookmarked for Leviticus 10:3. They ponder the significance of the number 103, not realizing it refers to the date that Dexter's mother was murdered: 10/03/73.

LaGuerta holds a presser to announce that the Ice Truck Killer Case is being reopened and to direct all questions to Captain Matthews. Extremely angry, Matthews enters the homicide department and asks who knew about it. Doakes, speaking for all, says, “It’s the first we’re hearing about it, Captain.”

After Angel is stabbed by an unknown man, he undergoes surgery. Doakes and his co-workers wait in the hospital to learn the outcome. LaGuerta eventually appears with good news. She says Angel suffered severe internal injuries, but apparently he will recover. Dexter watches everyone hug each other, including Doakes and Debra. When Dexter gets up and walks out, Doakes follows him to the elevator. He asks Dexter what the fuck is wrong with him. Dexter says he has to be some place. Doakes, disgusted, says that they all have someplace to be. He reminds Dexter that he just found our his friend is going to live. Doakes pushes him against the wall, and asks, “Does that make you feel anything? Anything at all?” Dexter glares at Doakes and orders him to take his fucking hand off him. ” Doakes removes his hand and remarks, “Just what I always thought.” They exchange angry looks, and Dexter leaves.

Doakes and Debra question two quarreling “elves” at Santa's Cottage after one of them finds a human head and calls it in. They, however, have little information to offer. When Dexter arrives, LaGuerta tells Deb to show him the crime scene. As they walk off, Doakes deliberately bumps into Dexter and rudely tells him to let his sister help him. Deb notices the hostility and asks Dexter, “ That a whole sexual tension thing, or am I missing something?” She then points to the clock, which is set to 1:03.

Matthews arrives at the scene and assigns the case to Doakes, who protests that LaGuerta should be in charge of the investigation. Matthews, though, claims to have lost confidence in LaGuerta because she has failed to catch the guy.

At the station, Doakes and the team watch the tape of Monique being murdered. Doakes notices that the background is a “monster refrigeration unit.” Masuka thinks it was likely custom built. Debra offers her insight from working in Vice, and says hookers avoid commercial buildings. Doakes then tells them to focus on private residences that draw large amounts of power.

Doakes notices LaGuerta is in a good mood. She says the Commissioner was seen in Matthews’ office and she thinks his job is in jeopardy. Just then, to their surprise, they see a smiling Matthews walk past with a group of happy officials. Doakes warns her to watch her back.

Later, Doakes grows impatient as Debra talks on the phone with Rudy as they make plans get together.

Doakes and LaGuerta visit Angel in the hospital, where Doakes yells at a noisy guy in the other bed. He asks Angel about the lead he was followng on The Ice Truck Killer when he was attacked. Angel says he had talked to a hooker who wore a prosthetic hand with multi-colored fingernails. LaGuerta informs him that the same hooker, Monique, was found cut up, which shocks Angel. They believe she was killed and Angel was stabbed because the killer figured out he was on his trail. Angel says the only ones who knew about his lead were Masuka and Deb's boyfriend, Rudy, the prosthetics guy. Angel doesn't think Rudy is involved until they tell him that Deb has been missing since she went to meet him last night.

Dexter tears apart his apartment looking for clues when he realizes Rudy had been there. As he's reading an article about the Shipping Yard Massacre, a knock comes at his door. He's not pleased to see that it's Doakes and LaGuerta. Doakes has an attitude and demands to know why Dexter hasn't been answering his phone. Dexter merely says, "Ambien." LaGuerta looks around at the mess and asks what happened, with Dexter claiming he was looking for the remote. Doakes and LaGuerta inform him that Debra is missing and Rudy is likely connected to the Ice Truck killings. Dexter pretends to be surprised and distressed, but Doakes tells him to cut the crap and accuses him of knowing something. He mentions that Dexter was "skulking in the lab" last night "ordering secret blood tests." LaGuerta asks Dexter about this, and he says he found a type match on the blood from Angel's collar...and it matched Rudy. Doakes swears and says if Debra dies, it will be his fault. When Dexter says he knows nothing else, Doakes calls him a liar. He and LaGuerta soon leave.

Dexter breaks into the Shipping Yard, suspecting it's where Rudy took Deb. He opens a particular container, but it's filled with bananas. Suddenly, Doakes appears out of nowhere, and greets him with, "Surprise, motherfucker!" Doakes demands to know why he's there, and Dexter says he looking for his sister. This answer further angers Doakes and he asks if he forgot that he works for the cops. When Dexter sarcastically lies about waiting for furniture from Thailand, Doakes punches him in the gut and is about to throw another punch. However, Dexter dodges out of the way and grabs Doakes' wrist and restrains him in a choke-hold. Doakes tries to pull off Dexter's grip, but is unsuccessful. The two go flying back against the shipping container, and Doakes is rendered immobile. Doakes looks over at Dexter, stating, "Lab geek, my ass!" A nearby worker forces the two to break up the fight. Doakes threatens Dexter that he will find out his connection to The Ice Truck Killer. Just then, Doakes and Dexter are called to a crime scene at Rudy's apartment.

While at Rudy's apartment, Doakes watches Dexter's every move. When Dexter overhears that Rudy Cooper isn't the killer's real name, he asks LaGuerta to confirm it. Doakes, thinking that Dexter knows the real name, asks him if he's trying to be smart, with Dexter replying, "Not trying, no." They glare at each other, and LaGuerta orders them to end their feud.

Angel discovers that Rudy's name is actually Brian Moser and he was a patient at a Tampa mental hospital until age 21. Doakes orders his name to be run for credit cards, bank accounts, utilities, and real estate holdings. The police learn that Brian owns a house (Laura Moser's House) and they then conduct a raid in which Debra is found wrapped in plastic on a table, though Brian has escaped. At the scene, Doakes says he's going to request an immediate suspension of Dexter. This causes Debra to scream in fury at Doakes, ordering him to back the fuck off because Dexter saved her life and he's a hero.

Season Two[]

Doakes spends every night tailing Dexter, convinced he is up to something. He follows Dexter to the bowling alley and sits at the bar staring at him for hours. After more than a month, Doakes grows frustrated and leaves Dexter for a single night. Dexter takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to kill Jimmy Sensio.

When Doakes abruptly walks into Dexter's office while he's looking up info on Sensio, Dexter quickly switches to a porn website. Doakes asks for the blood work on the Maynard victim and stares suspiciously at Dexter. He doesn't believe Dexter was looking at porn and asks what he was really doing. Doakes says he knows Dexter hasn't rented a pron title in ten years. Dexter warns Doakes that his interest in his personal life could be considered as harassment. When Doakes tells him to report him, Dexter thinks of easier solutions.

Little Chino is brought to the police station, and Doakes interrogates him about the murder of Rafael Arenas. He denies his involvement and is released.

Dexter finds Doakes waiting in his car outside Starlight Lanes. He approaches Doakes and greets him in a friendly, though insincere, manner. He informs Doakes that he will be practicing until midnight and suggests that he join him. Doakes, faced with another boring night, decides to go home. This leaves Dexter free to pursue Jimmy Sensio.

As Dexter is staring at the corpse of Eva Arenas, Doakes sarcastically tells him to take a picture; it'll last longer.

Dexter is driving after dark when he notices a car tailing him, and thinks it's probably Little Chino. He speeds up and pulls into an alley, regretting not having his kill tools with him. The other car pulls up behind him and stops. Dexter grabs a flashlight from his glove box and walks back, ready to attack the driver. However, it's not Little Chino -- it's Doakes. When Dexter holds up the flashlight, Doakes tells Dexter to go ahead and try it; he's been waiting, Dexter, though, just holds the flashlight under his face to create a creepy look. He warns Doakes that this neighborhood is full of crazies and he should lock his doors, and then walks back to his car.

LaGuerta encourages Doakes to apply for Frank Lundy's task force as it will help his career. Lundy, however, tells Doakes he wouldn't be a good fit because he's more of a "leader" than a "team member."

Dexter encounters Doakes in an elevator and thanks him for not holding the door. Doakes says, "Nice dodge last night, flooring it through that yellow light." Dexter innocently replies, "Oh...were you behind me?" As they leave the elevator, Doakes warns, "See you tonight."

On the way out to the field morgue with files, Dexter finds Doakes lurking outside the station. Dexter asks why he suspects him of something, and Doakes states that he knows he's connected to The Ice Truck Killer. Dexter finds this answer vague. Doakes says that Dexter is too careful, for example, doesn't belong to any organizations. He knows that Dexter was the top of his class in med school, but traded it for blood spatter. Doakes is curious why Dexter studied martial arts in college and Dexter claims it was an easy credit. When Doakes accuses Dexter of being a good liar, Dexter walks away, thinking, "Not good enough."

After finding Dexter attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Doakes erroneously believes that Dexter is a drug addict. However, Doakes' false conclusion works in Dexter's favor, as he believes Dexter's (nonexistent) drug addiction is caused by work-related stress which, as Doakes recounts, led many policemen down the same path. Feeling sympathetic towards Dexter, he ends his stalking, but not before telling him to "stay clean" and stating that he owes him a new tire (because Dexter had punctured one on his car).

A woman, Alisha Barnes, is murdered in her home. While at the crime scene, Dexter remarks on the impressive shooting -- two bullets to the chest and one to the head. Doakes says she was “Mozambiqued” aka "triple tapped. " He notices photos of Curtis Barnes, her husband, in Somalia and Afghanistan and says that he must be Special Ops. Later, Doakes attempts to arrest Curtis on the S.S. Fubar at the Blue Wing Marina; however, Curtis will not surrender his gun. Doakes ends up shooting and killing him in “suicide by cop.” It's ruled self-defense.

Dexter works a crime scene along with Doakes and LaGuerta at a comic book store where an employee, Denny Foster was murdered. Doakes becomes annoyed when Dexter begins questioning the store owner about The Dark Defender poster while he's interviewing him.

It's learned that Denny's killer is Benjamin Alvaro. According to Doakes, he's six-foot-two, 380 lbs, Hispanic, and drives a 1971 green-and-white Ford pickup. After dark, Doakes and LaGuerta stake out his place of work. Doakes says it's just like old times and suggests they get in the car and pass the time like they used to do. LaGuerta says no and laughs. She says they aren't going down that path again. When a call comes in that Alvaro is headed in their direction, they squabble about how they're going to arrest him. LaGuerta is concerned that Doakes is not fit for duty because he recently killed two men. He retorts that he's killed more than two. He then lets her know that he suspects that she slept with Esmee's man to get her job back. Their talk ends when Alvaro shows up and they arrest him without incident.

When Dexter shows up at work looking "like shit", Doakes asks Debra if her brother fell off the wagon. She says the only wagon Dexter ever had was a Radio Flyer. Doakes, confused, asks if her brother is a junkie. This amuses Debra. She asks Doakes if he is high, and says Dexter never even smoked a cigarette. Deb tells Doakes she's glad he has new material, though, because "freak" and "psycho" were getting kinda tired.

Dexter finds Doakes in his lab listening to a tape of his mother and Harry. He angrily turns it off and asks why he's there. Doakes says Debra didn't know he was in the NA program, and Dexter says it's because it's anonymous, but Doakes knows he lying. He threatens to take a hair from Dexter's desk and run it for drugs. He is curious as to why Dexter would pretend to be an addict unless he has something much worse to hide. Dexter steps closer to Doakes and orders him to back the fuck off. Doakes, unfazed, says he's been waiting for a chance to take Dexter out, and Dexter says he knows how he feels. Dexter then goes to LaGuerta and insists on filing a complaint against Doakes for breaking into his lab and tailing him for weeks. LaGuerta orders him to leave work for a couple of hours to cool off.

LaGuerta meets with Doakes to warn him of the possible complaint. He states that Dexter is hiding something. LaGuerta asks if it's another of his conspiracy theories but he says it's instinct and experience. He says that he spent years looking the enemy in the face, and Dexter is dangerous. LaGuerta accuses Doakes of being obsessed and warns that it will cost him his job if he doesn't leave Dexter alone.

Doakes suspects that Craig Wilson murdered his step-daughter Betsy due to their history of fights, blood on his clothes, and being alone with her. His suspicion is reinforced when Dexter lies to him, saying that the blood mist on Craig's shirt is from a bludgeoning. In reality, it was caused when Craig tried to save Betsy. Doakes arrests Craig

Camilla Figg meets with Dexter in his office and says that Doakes requested the Shipyard case file. When she couldn’t provide it, Doakes became angry and frightened her. Camilla doesn't want to lose her job, as she plans to retire the next year. Dexter assures Camilla that he will take care of the situation

Doakes continues to intensely interrogate Craig. When Dexter's blood report proves that Craig is blameless, LaGuerta interrupts the session. She frees Craig and chews out Doakes for displaying poor judgement. He is furious, realizing that Dexter set him up.

Dexter enters his office to find Doakes waiting for him. He says that Dexter's past is a bigger mystery than fucking Jimmy Hoffa and, unlike Dexter, he does everything out in the open. Dexter, using not-so-subtle manipulation, tells Doakes that no matter what he tries, no matter when, no matter how hard he works, he will always be a step ahead for one simple reason. Doakes asks, "And what's that?" Dexter replies, "I own you," and headbutts Doakes. He casually walks out of his office and Doakes runs after him. He grabs Dexter and throws him against a desk. Doakes repeatedly punches Dexter until he is pulled away. The department is in shock. LaGuerta orders Doakes to hand over his gun, badge, police I.D., and access card. She puts Doakes on suspension and he's escorted out of the building by two officers. Dexter feigns ignorance of what caused Doakes's erratic behavior.

LaGuerta meets with Doakes near a beach. As they walk together, she says that Lundy is pissing off people because his crew is looking over every case involving Bay Harbor victims. Doakes chuckles and says Lundy sounds desperate. When LaGuerta says he will be called in, Doakes tells her he may not show up. She warns him to be careful if he wants to keep his job, but he isn't sure that he does. He jokes about opening a butcher shop like his father. She suggests meeting with a friend of hers to apply for a job at Stillwater Security, and he tells her to set it up.

Doakes walks through the homicide department as the detectives stare at him. LaGuerta comes over to inform him that her friend, Todd, will meet him that night at the Hilton, and Doakes agrees to be there.

He enters Lundy's office and stands in front of his desk. When Lundy thanks him for coming in, Doakes tersely states, "Can we get this over with, sir?" Lundy says that, of the nine Butcher cases that passed through this department, Doakes worked directly on four of them, and he was unable to obtain a singe conviction. Lundy states that the Smith Case was thrown out for inadmissible evidence, Orozco skipped bail, the Rodrigo Case lost to bad blood work. Wen Lundy mentions Rodrigo, Doakes eyes widen and he walks out. Lundy doesn't stop him, something he will regret.

That night, Doakes breaks into Dexter's apartment and searches it by using a flashlight. He discover Dexter's box of blood slides hidden inside the air conditioner and takes them with him.

Doakes hides the box of blood slides in the trunk of his car, and flies to Haiti. There, he meets with Leones and makes arrangements to have the slides analyzed discreetly in a local hospital lab. However, while Doakes is out of the country, the slides are found and seized by the FBI. This makes Doakes the prime suspect

By placing a GPS on Dexter's boat, Doakes finds the cabin and observes Dexter carrying dismembered body parts, which confirms that he's The Bay Harbor Butcher. Doakes attempts to apprehend Dexter himself in the Everglades, but he's overwhelmed by Dexter's physical abilities and captured. Dexter locks him inside a cage in Jimenez's Cabin in the Everglades.

Doakes watches Dexter examine his leg wound and says he hopes it's deep. Dexter remarks that it's just a graze with minor tissue abrasion and no hemorrhage along the bullet track. He sarcastically tells Doakes that he's sorry to disappoint him, but he will live. When Doakes asks if he will, Dexter replies, "Good question." Doakes tells Dexter that if he isn't going to let him go, then to kill him now. Dexter says not to tempt him. He departs, leaving Doakes locked in the cage and returns to Miami.

Meanwhile, the police are on the hunt for Doakes.

When Dexter returns to the cabin, he hands a bottle of water to Doakes and unrolls a set of knives. Doakes assumes that Dexter is going to kill him and tries to convince him that he doesn't deserve to die. Dexter commences with a speech, detailing why Doakes' life has less inherent worth than his own, which Doakes listens to in disbelief. Dexter discovers a cell phone that Doakes was trying to use, and tells him that his exit strategy won't work. Doakes challenges Dexter to "bring it" and Dexter smiles, saying he already did. Suddenly, Doakes realizes that the water he is drinking is drugged, and he passes out. While Doakes is unconscious, Dexter rolls his fingerprints onto the knives in order to frame him as the Butcher.

On another visit to the cabin, Dexter is taunted by Doakes who says he knows some mysterious information about Harry. This leads to Dexter questioning Thomas Matthews and learning that Harry committed suicide.

Dexter returns again to the cabin, this time with a passed out Jose Garza. Doakes is horrified when Dexter proceeds to kill and dismember Jose. Afterward, he tells Dexter to "stay away," the same words that Harry said when he caught Dexter dismembering Juan Ryness. Dexter freezes, then says, "I killed my father."

Doakes begins to suspect that Dexter's code only lets him target those who deserve to die, and that Dexter is tired of keeping up his facade. Doakes tries to persuade Dexter to turn himself in to the police because it will protect those he cares about. Dexter considers doing it.

Doakes manages to escape from his cage, but he ends up with Esteban and Teo Famosa, drug runners tied to Jimenez. They take Doakes hostage and force him to retrieve the drugs stored inside the cabin. Dexter happens upon the scene, and he and Doakes work together to take the guys down. Immediately after this, Dexter imprisons Doakes again.

Tragically for Doakes, Lila West located the cabin where Doakes was locked up. After finding out that Dexter is the BHB, she decided to help him out by leaving Doakes to suffer in an explosion by igniting propane tanks. Doakes tried his very best to escape, but was caught up by the blast, later identified via his ruined corpse's dental records and ultimately died as the Bay Harbor Butcher (though the blood slide that was found at Travis Marshall's crime scene later proved that Doakes was blameless)


Doakes is set ablaze just before he is able to turn off the stove and prevent an explosion.

Doakes' charred remains are found along with the dismembered body of Jose Garza, which convinces the FBI that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher. As a result, his funeral is largely unattended, with the exception of LaGuerta, Doakes' mother, two sisters, and Dexter, who sits discretely in the back, thinking about how he lost another person who seemed to understand him.

Dexter and Doakes never admitted they saw eye to eye, though their conversations while Doakes was imprisoned implied they understood each other. Doakes, much like Dexter, justified killing people by their previous actions, such as when he shot Jacques Bayard, the Haitian death squad member. Although Dexter taunted Doakes of being a killer, his refusal to kill him implied otherwise.

Season Seven[]

While the Bay Harbor Butcher Case, for the most part, remained in the dark following its closure, the events preceding the Doomsday Killer Case lead Captain Maria LaGuerta to the crime scene of Travis Marshall. It is at this crime scene that she finds a discarded blood slide among the ashes of the burned Church, leading her to reopen the case. She believes the Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive, and feels that in solving the case, she can at last clear the name of James Doakes.

(Later, Lieutenant Debra Morgan also becomes involved in the investigation due to the fact that she caught her brother, Dexter Morgan, in the act of killing Travis Marshall.)

Doakes appears in flashbacks and repeats the catchphrase often associated with him.


Dexter Morgan is working in his lab when a smiling Sergeant Doakes announces himself by saying, "Surprise Motherfucker!" Dexter looks up and smiles back at him, suggesting that the two were on good terms early in their work relationship. Doakes asks about his report involving a dead woman named Mary King. Dexter informs him that the woman was stabbed 26 times in which the first stab pierced her heart. As Dexter starts to comment on who did it, Doakes interrupts and says, "They were making a fucking point."

Doakes: "This is our third vic."
Dexter: "Any suspects?"
Doakes: "Walter Munro. Fucker's crazy. Thinks he's some kind of philosopher or some shit. Always scribbling his fucked up thoughts in his journals."
Dexter: "The victims are all prostitutes, the wounds suggest the same weapon, and it is consistent with a single killer."
Doakes: "The thing is, he's crazy, but he's smart too. I can never get anything on him."

Doakes looks up to see Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta standing outside the room motioning to him. He tells Dexter to hold up and walks out to meet her, asking what's up. Maria says it's about what they talked about earlier, handing him a key (likely her key to his apartment). Doakes pleads with Maria, asking if she at least wants to think about this. She shakes her head while regretfully smiling, and walks off, leaving Doakes to reflect on the relationship he just lost. This marks the moment that Doakes and LaGuerta stopped seeing one another. Doakes is embarrassed when he notices Dexter nearby watching the two break up. "Oh shit, Morgan! I didn't even know you were there. You're like invisible," Doakes stammers.

Later, another prostitute is found dead on a dock and Sergeant Doakes and Dexter are investigating the scene. "Looks like you spun a goddamn web!," Doakes remarks as he observes Dexter's blood-spatter strings that outline how a person was murdered. Doakes asks if they can pin this on Monroe or not, and Dexter begins to describe the murder, step-by-step. The way that Dexter smiles and excitedly details every key movement bothers Doakes. When Dexter finishes with a huge grin is on his face, Doakes confronts him, saying that he likes this "blood shit" a little too much. Dexter replies that he's just doing his job. Angrily, Doakes orders him to wipe the "fucking smile" off his face and help find the creep who did this. As Dexter continues to work, Doakes suspiciously watches Dexter out of the corner of his eye.

Some time passes and Walter Munro disappears, giving Doakes the slip. Dexter arrives at work with a box of Sadie's Donuts for his fellow workers as per regular routine. Masuka warns Dexter that Doakes is in a bad mood. First, the "Lieutenant" dumped Doakes, then the Prostitute Killer went missing. After most of the donuts are picked off by officers, Dexter approaches Doakes and offers him one. Doakes responds rudely, saying that he doesn't want a "fucking donut" but he quickly apologizes. He tells Dexter that he isn't the one disturbing him, but LaGuerta.

Dexter makes a mistake by quoting, "Never jump the fence if you're not willing to face what's on the other side." Doakes looks up and asks where he heard that phrase. Dexter states that a "friend" said it to him in a "moment of stress" (likely Monroe on Dexter's kill table). Doakes retorts, "Bullshit. You don't have any friends." He then opens his desk and takes out a journal. Doakes proves that what Dexter said is a direct quote from the journal of Walter Munro, and it has been locked up in his desk for a couple weeks, after he obtained it on a warrant to search his place.

Dexter: "Heh...that's a weird coincidence."
Doakes: "Fuck coincidences, I don't believe in them."
Dexter: "Anyway, I should..." (Doakes interrupts him as Dexter tries to leave."
Doakes: "There's something off about you Morgan. I should have seen it before. The fake smile, the donuts. You don't even walk like a normal person, you glide. Like a fucking lizard on ice. It's all a fucking act...and I ain't buying it."

Dexter laughs for a second, saying that he thinks Doakes is overreacting, but Doakes only moves closer.

Doakes: "You're hiding something. And one day I'm gonna figure out what it is. You are one creepy motherfucker."

Dexter briefly looks Doakes in the eye and then walks away, as Doakes stares after him. This interaction clinches Doakes' dislike and suspicion of Dexter Morgan, leading into the start of the Ice Truck Killer Case and beyond.


While in the military, Doakes killed several people, indicated when he said, "It's been more than two," in response to LaGuerta questioning how he can be fine with killing two people. During the series, however, he only kills two people.

Direct Victims[]

Indirect Victims[]

Attempted Victim[]

Alleged Victims[]

Doakes was framed by Dexter Morgan as The Bay Harbor Butcher, and so he is generally believed by the public to have been a vigilante serial killer.

Witnessed Deaths[]

Attempted to Kill Doakes[]


Most of Doakes' famous quotes are insults or curse words. As such, he is the second most famous character to use swear words (vastly behind the creative Debra Morgan). He is especially notable for his constant use of the term "Motherfucker."

  • Dexter (voiceover): “The only real question I have is why in a building full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight into the human soul, is Doakes the only one who gets the creeps from me?”
  • Doakes to Dexter: "Surprise, Motherfucker!" ("Born Free")
  • Doakes: (mouths the words just before his death): "MOTHERFUCKER" ("The British Invasion")
  • Doakes to Dexter: (as he and Detective Pullman watch Dexter's expression as he stares at a dead victim) "You getting a goddamn hard-on there Morgan?" ("Circle of Friends")
  • Doakes to Dexter: (after arresting Jeremy Downs) "Your instincts are always dead on when it comes to killers. Why is that?" ("Circle of Friends")
  • Doakes to Dexter: "Oh, and you owe me a new Michelin, you motherfucker."
  • Doakes to Dexter: "Stop grinning like a fucking psycho and get back to work!"
  • Doakes to Masuka: (in response to Masuka's hypochondria) "Masuka! What did I say about the fucking rats?!" ("Love American Style")

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Main article: Albert Doakes

In the novels, James Doakes is known as Albert Doakes, though plays considerably the same role. The prime differences between James and Albert is that Albert is still alive in the Dexter Book Series. However, his body is debilitated from the condition Dr. Danco left him He must act out his suspicions on Dexter with general threats, as he is physically harmless.

"Albert" served in El Salvador with the U.S. Marine Corps alongside Kyle Chutsky and Dr. Danco. Dexter believes that Doakes has a "Dark Passenger" of his own, and deals with it by being as violent as he legally can in his job. After LaGuerta's murder at the end of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Doakes believes Dexter was the killer, and tails Dexter in Dearly Devoted Dexter, intending to "catch him in the act." Instead, Doakes himself is captured by "Dr. Danco", who tortures him by removing his feet, hands, and tongue. In Dexter in the Dark, Doakes returns briefly, but cannot communicate. In Dexter by Design, Doakes is able to speak through a speech box, and he warns Dexter that he is still watching him. Doakes attempts to intimidate Dexter again in Dexter is Delicious, after noticing the smell of decomposing material coming from Dexter's car. he is embarrassed by Dexter when it is revealed to be a bag of Lily Anne's diapers that Dexter had forgotten to throw away earlier. He hasn't appeared since.

Erik King, who plays Doakes in the TV series, joked in an interview that, in the second book, Dearly Devoted Dexter, his character becomes "a stub."

Dexter: The Game[]

Sergeant doakes game

Doakes as he appears during gameplay

Sergeant Doakes appears in the game working on Robert Marelli's case and an earlier Cokehead Murders Case. With no solid leads, he is assisted by Dexter Morgan in the investigation, although he is reluctant to work with Dexter.


  • He is one of the few characters that could effectively see behind Dexter's mask, making this clear in his very first appearance. This eventually led to him discovering that Dexter was The Bay Harbor Butcher. (For other characters who knew Dexter was a killer, see: Those Who Knew Dexter's Secret.)
  • While not a serial killer, Doakes (barely) legally murdered Jacques Bayard vigilante style, and he also twice distracted criminals in order to push them into the line of fire.
  • Debra learned, and LaGuerta figured out, that Dexter framed Doakes for being the Bay Harbor Butcher, but Dexter was never once accused of killing Doakes to cover his tracks. Not even by Laguerta, although she did say to Dexter, "He's dead because of you."
  • Doakes was the only main antagonist to whom Dexter referred to as "archenemy" in The Dark Defender." Even though Doakes died at the end of Season Two, he still appeared two times after his death (via flashbacks and a spin-off). His actions impacted Maria LaGuerta which almost caused Dexter's downfall in Season Seven. Even after being killed, Brian Moser had a similar impact on Dexter's life. Note: In the novels, Albert Doakes was proclaimed an archenemy in a similar fashion.
  • Doakes had a picture of a young boy in a baseball uniform posed with a bat on his desk in "Crocodile." It's unknown if this was young Doakes, his nephew, or possibly a son. However, no children are referred to from his previous marriage.
  • Sergeant Doakes is one of the most popular characters in the series, often subject to many fan wishes for his return. Most of his fame comes from his quotes and extreme suspicion of Dexter Morgan and, as such, he is sometimes viewed as a comical character rather than a serious one.
  • Doakes was the most muscular member of Miami Metro Homicide, although Dexter could be argued as physically more fit from an athletic standpoint. The only person to ever dwarf Doakes was Little Chino, who not only stood much taller than Doakes, but had a more muscular frame.
  • Doakes is the only main antagonist to be killed by another main antagonist.
  • Doakes is the first main antagonist of the series to have appeared in a previous season.
  • On the TV show, Sergeant Doakes' military background is that he is a former U.S. Army Ranger who served in the elite Regimental Reconnaissance Company. In the Dexter novels, Doakes military background is as an ex-Marine.


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