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Israel Yale:

Israel Yale: Background Homicide Detective

Detective Israel Yale is a character in the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is one of the background Detectives in the Miami Metro Homicide. He's often partnered with Detective Soderquist, usually handling cases assigned to them via Sergeant Angel Batista and later, Lieutenant Debra Morgan.


Yale is a man in his 30s with a black hair and a tan complexion. He is often wearing shoulder holsters over a button up shirt and dress pants for his uniform.

Season One

Detective Israel Yale first appears at the scene where the forensic team are dismantling the Refrigerated Truck taking notes and speaking with the team.


  • He, along with Michael Soderquist, are among the first recurring background detectives to appear in the series. Both debuting in the second episode of the series - "Crocodile".
  • He is one of few Homicide Detectives with a confirmed first name and who has been available since Season One.
  • His name appears in "Remains to Be Seen" when Batista is sitting at his desk before receiving info on another crime of the Vacation Murderers.
  • Yale's name is mentioned several times during Season Six.