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Dexter in iron mine

Iron Mine is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's a place that Dexter Morgan checked out when he needed to dispose of Matt Caldwell's dismembered body.


Dexter can't bury Matt in the frozen ground or dump him in the iced-over lake so he looks for another option. With no customers in the store, he scrutinizes a map of the area. Fuck. So, Matt, once again... what to do with you. The old iron mine. It's remote, plenty big. Filled with tunnels. Goldilocks, I think it's just right. He obtains permission from his boss to join the search, but heads to the iron mine.

He drives as far as he can, then dons snow shoes, grabs his ski poles and backpack. He thinks, Nice, a three-mile hike up to the iron mine. 'Cause I just don't get out enough.

He reaches the mine’s entrance, enters, and turns on a headlamp. As he walks through the dismal tunnel, he nearly falls into a deep pit. Mine's not the body I'm looking to hide. To assess its depth, Dexter drops a rock into the pit and it thuds faintly. Okay. This'll work. I miss this. The quiet. Calm. Solitude.

Suddenly, a black bear appears, growling and roaring. Dexter swears, races out of the mine, and collapses on the snow. While he's lying there, Angela calls to invite him to dinner. He begs off due to exhaustion until she mentions that her daughter invited Harrison. Dexter mouths the word "FUCK" and says he'd love to come.

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  • Bears, dogs. I miss the days when the only animals I had to worry about were alligators. - Dexter, narrating