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Iron Lake Sanitation Incinerator is a location in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

It's where Dexter Morgan disposes of three bodies since he can no longer dump his victims in the ocean.


Dexter has temporarily buried Matt Caldwell's body under his fire pit. However, when a search party that is looking for Matt sets up camp outside his cabin, he is desperate to move the remains, especially when he learns that dogs will be brought in. Since Matt can't be buried in the frozen ground or dumped in the iced-over lake, Dexter explores an abandoned iron mine as a disposable site, but he is chased off by a black bear.

While Dexter attends the honorary burning of a white deer by the Seneca community, he remembers the incinerator. After dark, he tosses Matt's remains into the roaring flames, as smoke pours from the tall smokestack.

While driving home through town, Dexter stops when he sees Kurt Caldwell outside the tavern, drunk and shouting in glee. Kurt excitedly tells him that Matty is alive, claiming Matt FaceTimed him. Dexter offers to give him a ride home and Kurt gets into his truck. Dexter wonders why Kurt is lying. A mix of snow and ash fall from the sky.

It’s implied that Dexter burned Elric Kane in the incinerator. (He had killed Elric the day before at Roaring Forks Summer Camp.)

Later, Dexter kills and dismembers Kurt Caldwell as Harrison watches until he needs to get some air. Together, they burn Kurt's remains in the incinerator.

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  • "Titanium doesn’t melt." - Kurt, Angela, and Dexter at various times, regarding the medical screws from Matt's leg

Burned in Incinerator

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