Shot from Season Six - the Doomsday Killings

The Investigation Room is a common location within Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is located on an upper level of the Miami Metro Police Department.


Present since the Bay Harbor Butcher Case, this room was often used for briefings on Miami's big murder cases. It contained boards with pictures and details about the victims. Almost every major case was worked on and/or solved due to information stored in this room. Characters often expressed various emotions while discussing the cases. Debra Morgan and Frank Lundy spent hours in the Investigation Room in hopes of finding a connection to whom they were hunting.

Prior to Season Two, the main office area was frequently used when handling cases. During the Ice Truck Killer Case, a briefing was held in the official conference room by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta to provide projection slide-show images of the victims.

Unlike the conference room in Season One, almost anyone could attend a meeting in the Investigation Room (rather than just the detectives assigned to a case). Typically, the Lieutenant or Sergeant stood at the dry erase boards and described what was known about a case, while everyone else positioned themselves on the opposite side of the room. Recurrent speakers included Debra Morgan, Angel Batista, Joey Quinn, Maria LaGuerta, Vince Masuka, and Dexter Morgan (when he didn't mind throwing a bone to the department). The background detectives (such as Detective Soderquist or Detective Ramos) would generally offer little insight. The Investigation Room is also famous for Vince Masuka's "drama queen" entries when he would discover a clue about a particular murder and burst in to interrupt the speaker.

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