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The Ice Truck Killer

Ice Truck Killer Case is a police investigation in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It involves a series of killings of prostitutes who were drained of blood and dismembered.

The case is the first major case in the series. The next major case is the Bay Harbor Butcher Case.


  • Tony Tucci - Initially suspected of being the Ice Truck Killer based on security footage of him placing the body parts of Cherry onto the Ice Rink, and for his assault record. Was later cleared of suspicion when his body parts started showing up all over Miami.
  • Neil Perry - Suspected because he received a parking ticket at two separate Ice Truck Killer crime scenes, possessed photos of bodies unreleased to the public, had buried the partially dismembered corpse of his mother in his backyard, and abducted a prostitute. He confessed to being the Ice Truck Killer, but the blood bath at the Marina View Hotel (Room 103) revealed that the true killer was still out there.
  • Rudy Cooper - Eventually revealed to be the killer, after he attacked Angel who was chasing down a lead and later abducted Debra Morgan to speed up his plans. His real name, Brian Moser, was found in a Tampa mental hospital database through fingerprint analysis (Angel's idea).

History of Killer

  • Brian Moser was born to a single mother named Laura Moser and had a younger brother named Dexter Moser. When he was five he witnessed his mother chopped up into pieces which formed his urge to kill. He spent the next sixteen years in a mental hospital, institutionalized for anti-social behavior. where his dark urges just grew stronger. After he was released, Brian killed a man by the name of Rudy Cooper, stole his identity, and spent the next few years learning about the human body. He began a killing spree of prostitutes in Miami hoping to draw the attention of his younger brother. He would drain the bodies of their blood, slice them into pieces, and display them in public places.

Detectives on Case

  • Officer Debra Morgan - Worked on the case from the beginning of the case using her prostitute contacts to gain leads and giving theories on how he kills.
  • Detective Angel Batista - Worked on the beginning of the case and the initial detective on the case before it became high profile.
  • Sergeant James Doakes - Assisted from when they found fifth body, he ran an observatory role as well as supervisor that instructed lower level officers on the field. He worked together closely with Debra Morgan to gain potential leads on the killer's identity.
  • Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta - Ran the political game from the case and tried very hard to make sure Debra never gets any credit.
  • Lieutenant Esmée Pascal - Took over the investigation after Maria was demoted from her position.

Other Involved Operatives:

  • Forensics specialist Vince Masuka - He was brought in to cover the bodies since there was no blood.
  • Forensic Blood Splatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - He watched from the sidelines and provided minor insights for Debra since the bodies had no blood.
  • Captain (then) Thomas Matthews - Appeared in the beginning of the case to offer help and advice. Also tried to used the case to bolster his reputation, which eventually backfired.


  • Rudy Cooper - Unseen victim and Brian's first known kill. Brian killed him for his identity and later confessed to Debra Morgan while she was in his captivity.
  • Ice Truck Killer Victims 1 and 2 - The first two prostitutes killed by Brian Moser in Broward County before be began killing in Miami. The bodies were completely drained of blood, chopped up into pieces, and left on display for police to find.
  • Pool Victim - The first shown victim. She appeared to have been hurriedly worked on, and it was speculated that the killer was interrupted. Her body was completely drained of blood, cut into twenty neatly wrapped pieces, and left in the pool at the Seven Seas Motel.
  • Fountain Victim - The second shown victim. Her body was completely drained of blood, partially skinned, cut into nineteen pieces, and left at a fountain on the outskirts of a nearby festival. This time, the head was missing but it turned up later when the killer threw at Dexter's windshield.
  • Sheri Taylor - The third shown victim. Her fingertips were found inside the refrigerated truck that Brian was using to move his victims. Her body parts were later discovered at the Ice Hockey Stadium. They were positioned like presents in the goal area of the Ice Rink, with the head placed on top of the torso for display.
  • Monique - The fourth shown victim. Brian hired her to come back to his apartment under the pretense of sex. He then choked her until she fell unconscious and killed her in the same manner in which he killed the previous prostitutes. He dismembered her body, wrapped up the pieces like gifts, and placed them under a Christmas tree at Santa's Cottage.
  • Fred - The fifth shown victim and Brian's first onscreen male victim. Brian hit Fred over the head with an object, threw him into the trunk of his car -- where Debra was being held captive.
  • Note: Brian killed additional people that were not part of the Ice Truck Killer Case. See the "Victims" section in Brian Moser.

Attempted Victims

  • Tony Tucci - Originally suspected to be the Ice Truck Killer because he was shown on camera bringing Sherri's body parts onto the Ice Rink. It was later revealed that he was forced to do this. Tony himself was abducted by the killer and slowly dismembered while alive. His body parts were placed in public places at 7:00 A.M. each day. Unknown to the rest of the homicide team, they were places where Harry taught Dexter "lessons" when he was younger. Tucci was eventually found by Homicide after Dexter tipped off his sister to the location.
  • Angel Batista - Brian's first attempted kill since Neil Perry falsely confessed to being the Ice Truck Killer. Angel discovered a prostitute, Monique, who wore a prosthetic hand with its fingernail nails painted in various colors, just as were Sheri's nails. Monique described a john to Angel who fit the killer's profile. Brian learned that Angel had a lead and tried to silence him, but he was interrupted by two men and forced to run away.
  • Debra Morgan - She was abducted by Brian after he proposed marriage to her on a yacht. He bound her with duct tape, took her to his childhood home, and tried to persuade Dexter to kill her. When Dexter refused, Brian tried to kill her, but he was stopped by Dexter.

Fallout from Case

After Maria LaGuerta falsely accused Tony Tucci of being the Ice Truck Killer, as well as embarrassing Captain Thomas Matthews on local television, she was demoted to the rank of Detective. A replacement was soon brought in by Matthews named Esmée Pascal. Even though Matthews tried to falsely convict Neil Perry for the Ice Truck Killings, he suffered almost no consequences. Debra Morgan was labeled the "Woman Who Slept With The Ice Truck Killer" which caused problems in her life, both professionally and personally.

Closure of Case

The case was officially closed when Rudy Cooper's true identity -- Brian Moser a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer -- was revealed.

Fate of Killer

  • Brian Moser was thought by police to have committed suicide in the same manner in which he killed the prostitutes. In reality, Dexter killed Brian, setting it up as a suicide, to protect his sister, Debra.

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