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IT is a character in the Dexter Novels, only appearing in one novel, Dexter in the Dark.


IT is an ancient, godlike entity that is worshiped by various cults.


The first creature that IT inhabited was a lizard and IT experienced a great thrill when the lizard killed little creatures. IT didn't like humans at first but when IT saw how they hurt and killed each other, IT thought, "I can work with this."

IT would inhabit people at will to feel their pain. After a while, IT felt unsatisfied and so caused numerous people to kill whole families and tribes. IT's hosts began to notice ITs presence and gave IT various names and built temples.

In some places, IT was known as Moloch. These worshipers practiced child sacrifice with a ritual of burning them alive, This released their "essence" into the world, which made IT very happy.

IT spawned its own offspring, but they became too numerous. IT then went to war with them, with IT coming out victorious. However, some of ITs children (passengers) are still in existence and they hide from IT in fear, usually inside humans.

At the end of Dexter in the Dark, IT is waiting to start again.

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  • Jeff Lindsay dropped the concept after this novel, saying that it was "experimental."