1 Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere is a location in Season Three of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is a five-star hotel in Miami where Miguel Prado stayed after his wife kicked him out, and a place where Dexter Morgan stalked him.


Sylvia Prado accuses her husband, Miguel, of having an affair with Maria LaGuerta and orders him out of the house. He moves into the Hotel Belvedere and blames his situation on Dexter.

While investigating Ellen Wolf’s murder, LaGuerta interviews Toby Edwards, a bartender under suspicion. Toby describes a SUV (matching Miguel’s car) that he saw near Ellen’s house on the night she was killed. LaGuerta decides to investigate Miguel.

Dexter stalks Miguel, studying his new routine and looking for an opportunity to kill him. While Dexter is parked near the Hotel Belvedere, he observes Miguel being dropped off by Ramon Prado at the hotel's valet entrance. Miguel then ditches his brother and drives away in his own car.

Dexter follows him, ending up at LaGuerta’s house. As Dexter waits in his car, LaGuerta secretly collects evidence from the back of Miguel’s car. He thinks, “Miguel probably thinks he’s getting lucky. Looks like he’s getting screwed.” Unfortunately, before Miguel leaves, he discovers that his SUV’s liftgate is ajar and realizes what she did.

LaGuerta asks Dexter to confidentially analyze hair and fiber. To protect him, she enters her own authorization code into his computer and Dexter works under her name. At the hotel, Miguel notices an alert on his own computer showing that LaGuerta accessed Ellen Wolf’s file.

After dark, Dexter enters Hotel Belvedere, and spots Miguel and Ramon drinking at the lobby bar. He sneaks past them and calls the phone in Miguel’s hotel room to locate it. When he hears it ring, he tricks a maid into letting him into the room. He looks around, finding clues (hardware store items, the computer alert) that prove Miguel is planning to kill LaGuerta that night. Dexter realizes that Miguel is getting Ramon drunk to use him as an alibi.

Later, when Miguel goes to LaGuerta’s house to kill her, Dexter ambushes him and injects him with M99. He kills Miguel in Ellen Wolf’s house and then leaves his body in a park to look like he was murdered by The Skinner.

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