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Dex picks Holly's lock 610

Dexter picks Holly's lock

Holly Benson’s Apartment is a location in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the residence of Holly Benson, the first intended victim of The Whore of Babylon tableau.


Travis Marshall captures Holly Benson by hitting her with his car, which breaks her arm. He takes her to an abandoned church and keeps her there, blindfolded, for several days. During this time, he berates Holly for being a sinner, forces her to drink his own blood, and denies her painkillers for her broken arm. To no avail, Holly begs to be set free. When Travis is about to brand Holly with a heated iron, she claims to have a young son. He changes his mind and drops her off, still blindfolded, away from the church. Later, Travis regrets letting Holly go and decides to remedy the situation.


During a homicide briefing, Dexter Morgan realizes that Holly Benson is the “mistake” that Travis said he needs to fix. Trusting his instincts, he decides to stake-out her apartment in case Travis shows up. Holly isn’t at home so Dexter picks the lock and enters. He wonders if Travis has recaptured her, but there are no signs of a struggle or a break-in.

Holly’s makeup, hairbrush, and toothbrush are missing so she could have packed a bag and gone out of town. However, Dexter knows she still won’t be safe and looks around for something to help locate her. In a drawer, he only finds sex toys but on a dresser, there are photos of her boyfriend. He guesses that her boyfriend is “Peter Grant” after finding a magazine with the name on its mailing label.

Dexter pays a visit to Grant’s house and learns from his unfriendly daughter that Holly could be staying on her father's yacht. When Dexter arrives at the yacht, he ends up killing one of Travis’s disciples, then discovering Holly’s corpse fastened to the boat’s anchor.

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