Dexter and Astor

Dexter and Astor

Hobie Beach is a location on Showtime's series DEXTER, as well as in real life.

It is a Biscayne Bay beach (not ocean). The beach is located on the south end/north side of the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami.

Season Seven

Jamie Batista and Harrison build a sand castle as Dexter walks toward them holding an orange ice pop. He hands it to Harrison and then Dexter plays in the sand for a few minutes. Dexter notices Astor sitting alone nearby, and goes over to sit with her. It is the day after Cody revealed that Astor smokes pot and it is worrying her. Astor remarks that she misses the beach because it is a reminder of her mom. Dexter understands, saying that Rita often brought them here. Astor tells Dexter that neither Orlando or Miami feel like home, and there is no place that she belongs. Dexter states that he knows what she means, and he gives her supportive advice. He then reassures Astor that he won’t inform her grandparents about the pot, which finally makes her smile.

Hannah McKay discovers that Dexter has her greenhouse key, and calls him to find out his location. He tells her that he is at Hobie Beach, Tower One. Hannah arrives, smiling, to retrieve her key. She asks what he is doing at the beach. Suddenly, Dexter’s name is called out and Hannah notices Jamie and the kids playing in the water. Hannah immediately has the wrong idea until Dexter explains the situation. They talk for a moment and then Hannah says, “You’re lucky, matter where I go, I’m Hannah McKay, the spree killer’s girlfriend. Nobody has a clue who you are. You get to have this normal life and kids.” She tells Dexter to enjoy his time with them, and leaves by herself.

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